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The Chinese invented silk pillows.

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Q: What is the origin of pillows?
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What is the origin of chocolates on hotel pillows. I have heard several stories?

we run a wee Guest House in Scotland and have put chocolates on the pillows for the past 12 years, its the little extra's the our customers appreciate.

How many kinds of pillows does Boppy make?

Boppy sells various pillows for the mother and baby. Currently they have three kinds of pillows which are prenatal pillows, pillows for toddlers, and nursing pillows.

Where can one purchase bed rest pillows?

One may purchase bed rest pillows from Homesense, Sears and Home Outfitters. Their pillows range from inexpensive pillows all the way to designer brand pillows.

When was The Pillows created?

The Pillows was created in 1989.

How are outdoor pillows different from regular pillows?

Outdoor pillows and cushions are different from regular pillows and cushions as they are made a little tougher and to be water resistant and weather proof.

What fiber is made from a pillow?

Some pillows are made from fibres, fibres are not made from pillows. (Except from recycled pillows)

Are pacific coast pillows good pillows?

"That is a great question! Personally, I love the those pillows. Though if you are allergic to down, I would not suggest these pillows as they are stuffed with the goose feathers."

Dolores bought some new pillows bought twice as many green pillows as blue pillows and less red pillow than green pillows. she bought a total of 9 pillows. how many pillows of each color did she b?

She bought 2 blue, 4 green and 3 red.

What colour of the Shia LaBeouf pillow?

two white pillows and two blue pillows,but.those pillows are so stinky!

When was Pacific Pillows created?

Pacific Pillows was created in 2004.

What advantages do travel neck pillows have over normal pillows?

There are many advantages that neck pillows have normal pillows. The most obvious advantage to them is that they are easy to carry everywhere and allow for more support.

Where do we buy floor pillows?

Bed Bath & Beyond carries a wide selection of pillows and cushions, including floor pillows. Walmart also has a selection of floor pillows available online or in-store.

What is the difference between a shams and toss pillows?

Shams are the frilly covers that go over regular pillows. Toss pillows vary in shape and size, but are typically smaller pillows used for decoration or convenience.

What are the claimed benefits of Dunlopillo pillows?

Pillows are important part of getting a good nights sleep. Dunlopillo pillows claim that their pillows can maintain their shape night after night, reduce allergies, and remain fresh and dry.

Where can one purchase Moshi pillows?

Moshi pillows are available at Bed Bath & Beyond. One can also purchase these pillows online from websites like Amazon, eBay, ToyDistrict-Store, and Mogu Pillows.

Are there any hypoallergenic fillings which have the same feel as traditional feather pillows?

Yes, most of the pillows that are hypoallergenic are made out of the same materials as feather pillows with the exception that the hypoallergenic pillows have been treated to make them that way.

What are throw pillows?

Throw pillows are usually decorative pillows that are usually seen on sofas and beds. They may be small and square, rectangle, or round. They may feature designes or bright colors. Some throw pillows have tassels.

Why not use a tempur pillow?

Tempur-pedic pillows are very popular pillows due to the comfort and popularity of these pillows, however, these pillows are not for everyone. If you prefer a firmer pillow, then a Tempur-pedic pillow would not be the best choice for you.

Who invented pillows?

The name of the person who made the first pillows is not known. We do know that pillows were used as far back as Ancient Egypt and the Chinese dynasties.

Should babies ever be given pillows?

No, young babies not be given any pillows because the pillows could fall on top of them and they could sufficate.

Are there any large stuffed animals that can double as body pillows?

There are a variety of animal body pillows, including animal print body pillows and large animal pillows that sits up and wrap around your body. Looking online is the bast way to find the biggest variety of animal body pillows.

Are feather pillows worse than foam filled pillows?

hello people!

What did ancient Egyptians use as pillows?

they used wood they did not have pillows

Where pillows ever used in war?

Of course, soldiers have always slept on pillows.

When was Rush - The Pillows song - created?

Rush - The Pillows song - was created in 1999.