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What is the origin of pillows?


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The Chinese invented silk pillows.


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we run a wee Guest House in Scotland and have put chocolates on the pillows for the past 12 years, its the little extra's the our customers appreciate.

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Outdoor pillows and cushions are different from regular pillows and cushions as they are made a little tougher and to be water resistant and weather proof.

Some pillows are made from fibres, fibres are not made from pillows. (Except from recycled pillows)

they used wood they did not have pillows

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Shams are the frilly covers that go over regular pillows. Toss pillows vary in shape and size, but are typically smaller pillows used for decoration or convenience.

No, a collective noun is a word used to group people or things taken together as one whole; for example:a pile of pillowsa plump of pillowsa mountain of pillows

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Yes, most of the pillows that are hypoallergenic are made out of the same materials as feather pillows with the exception that the hypoallergenic pillows have been treated to make them that way.

Of course, soldiers have always slept on pillows.

The name of the person who made the first pillows is not known. We do know that pillows were used as far back as Ancient Egypt and the Chinese dynasties.

No, young babies not be given any pillows because the pillows could fall on top of them and they could sufficate.

There are a variety of animal body pillows, including animal print body pillows and large animal pillows that sits up and wrap around your body. Looking online is the bast way to find the biggest variety of animal body pillows.

Decorative Christmas pillows can be found at Amazon or eBay. Overstock has a selection of Christmas decor including pillows currently on sale as well.

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Down Pillows Maintenance TipsDown pillows are incredibly comfortable and can make your bed, sofa or love seat a luxurious place to relax. They're also extremely popular, and over the last few years, the cost of down pillows has dropped significantly. However, they require a bit more upkeep than other types of pillows.Keeping Your Down Pillows CleanAs down pillows are more difficult to clean than polyester pillows, the first logical step that you can take is to keep them clean for as long as possible. Try to avoid laundering your pillows. If you have to deal with a stain, use baking soda and water or a commercial stain remover.Unlike other pillows, down pillows need to be regularly fluffed to keep their form and to keep them comfortable. Fluffing pillows is easy. Push and hit your pillows lightly on their sides to keep the down evenly distributed. By fluffing your pillows every day, you'll keep them comfortable and cleaner for much longer.Laundering Your Down PillowsFinally, if down pillows are extremely soiled, you should wash them in cold water with a light detergent. Wring out excess water and use the lowest heat settings on your dryer. Be sure to check your down pillows regularly and take them out when they're dry.Down pillows are certainly worth the work, and with some regular upkeep, you shouldn't have to worry much about them. Take the time to protect your pillows and you'll be able to enjoy them for years.

Well maybe they just need something to do and they hump pillows.

Name the four pillows of modern economics?

The problem is not uk, the issue is cushtie pillows

No they didnt have any pillows but they di have blankets

Short answer is: no. from http://www.world.org/reuse/pillows: Pillows * Remove the stuffing and use to make other pillows thicker. * Keep it in your pet's cage for comfort. * Cut it in half, sew along the open end and make into two smaller camping pillows. * Instead of throwing it out, restuff it. * Use for pillow fights.

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Well "Euro" is just the German orgin of cushon. So basically, when people say Euro pillows, they're saying "cushoned pillows" in German.

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