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SRS - Safety Restraint System

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Q: What is the other name for automobile airbag?
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Which component of the technological system is achieved when an automobile airbag inflates?


What is the maximum automobile speed for airbag deployment?

I don't think they have a maximum, only a minimum.

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Where can one find airbag replacements?

Airbags are an important safety feature found in all modern automobile models. However, if one needs to replace an airbag, they likely would have the best success at an auto or mechanic shop.

WhAT equation most directly illustrates the safety value of automobile airbags?

Simplified: Crash. (No Airbag.) Get Crushed by the Seatbelt and items. Crash. (Airbag.) Protected from items and bashing your head. Advanced: I don't have the time. Sorry. But I'll edit when I do.

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Italian painter who coined the word automobile

How do I shut off 2002 BMW Roadster airbag light?

For the airbag light to turn off, you'll need to repair the cause of the airbag malfunction, or disable the airbag by using a BMW scan tool or other software.

When sodium azide is activated in an automobile airbag how many moles of nitrogen are produced if 0.500 mole of sodium azide react?

0,75 moles of nitrogen

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The New Developments in Automobile are 1). ABS(Anti-Lock Braking System) 2).EBD(Electronic Brake Force Distribution) 3). Airbag 4). i-VTECH Engine 5). TATA Nano with Two cylinder Engine

How do you switch off air bag light on Audi A4?

The only way to switch off the airbag light is to remove the airbag light or remove the airbag light fuse. The airbag light fuse will disable several other instrument panel warning lights.

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The answer to this question is : a vehicle or a car. :)