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well you only get in trouble if you get busted. so the best thing to do if you get busted is to say that it was in your buddys grage while he worked on it.

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Is it illegal in Maryland to hide a car from repo?

I believe it is illegal to hide anything in any state from reposession.

How do deer avoid danger?

they hide

How does a panda avoid danger?

they hide from it.

How do cray fish avoid there predators?


How 2 avoid masterbiting?

Hide his dentures?

How do snails avoid being eaten?

They hide in their shell.

How do animals avoid capture?

There are a few ways they do this. They out run. They will hide from capture. They will fight to avoid capture.

What does the government hide from us?

It may be the truth that they are trying to avoid.

What do you do if a tornado is imminent?

avoid its path or hide somewhere underground

How do tigers avoid human beings?

close their eyes and hide

Why do bears hide?

They generally don't have to hide as most of the time they are the top predator in their niche but when they do hide, it is normally to avoid a confrontation with another predator or to stalk prey.

Why do crabs hide under rocks other than to avoid predators?

they dont hide under roks to hide from predators they hide under roks because its cosy under there. they dont hide from predators they dance in front of them

What do reptiles do to avoid the heat?

To avoid the heat they just repair To the comfort of their underground lair. -They hide under a rock-

How does tom try to avoid fulfilling his end of the bargain?

He tried to hide

Why did Jews hide?

To try to avoid being killed durin the Holocaust.

After the party why did Romeo hide from his friends?

he wanted to avoid being picked on.

Where do raccoons hide from predators?

Raccoons will usually climb a tree to avoid predators.

How did soldiers avoid injury in the trenches?

they hide from military attacks gernades and bombs

How do animals in coral reefs avoid being eaten?

they can either run or hide .

How do you avoid danger of a tornado?

you can get in your basement, hide in the bathtub with a mattress on you,hide in the closet,run out the house,lay in the lowest part of the house with a matress on you,

Your dog has begun to hide her daily dog food nosing it under her blanket or sometimes running under the bed to avoid eating it?

no she just is trying to hide it. She does that just to hide it. Its soo cute

What animal hide is used for drumheads?

Traditionally now a days they try to avoid using animal hide but if they do it is generally a cow hid that was not tanned as leather.

Does a kinkajou use camouflage?

Yes, the kinkajou does use camouflage. They hide in tree concaves during the day to avoid sunlight and avoid predators.

What is a four letter word for avoid?

Balk, duck, flee, hide, shun. HATE.

How do squirrels avoid being eaten?

hide from things that wants to eat it and then run for its life