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Your credit score will go down. Answer. This is known as a voluntary repossesion. It is not very different from a involuntary repossesion. You will ruin your credit score and also will not be eligable for other auto financing anytime in the near future (if you do get approved for another vehicle in the next few years it will be at a ridiculous intrest rate... Like 26%) the best bet is to talk with your dealer to try and back out of the deal or to sell the vehicle you are dissatisfied with. Your credit history will probably indicate a reposession..this lasts for at least 7 years. The creditor may also sue you for any defeciancy balance once your car is sold at auction. It can be very difficult to attain auto financing once this happens.

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Q: What is the penalty for giving a new car back to the creditors because you can't afford it and really do not like it?
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