What is the percentage of people in the US that own a computer?

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That Q it hard to answer because people buy computers every day and most people have computers....... but they just don't use them at all. 97% of the world have pcs. the rest have a computer with a Linux operating sytem or they have apples OS X or a mac.
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How many people own computers worldwide?

Answer . According to the CIA World Factbook there are an estimated as of 2005 there were 1,018,057,389 internet users worldwide. How many actually own computers is questionable..

What percentage of US households have a computer?

From the US Census Bureau: "51 percent of US households had one or more computers in the home in August 2000, up from 42 percent in December 1998." Also, "9-in-10 School-Age Children Have Computer Access.". Leichtman Research Group . Durham, NH - June 7, 2007 - New consumer research from L ( Full Answer )

How many people in Australia own a computer?

well I'm guessing 1.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 . 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 . 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 . PEOPLE IN AUSTRALIA HAVE A COMPUTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the world owns a computer?

Today about ten percent of the world's population-some 600 million people-have access to connected computing. Evidence suggests, however, that this number may grow dramatically. Mobile telephony promises to reach some two billion subscribers soon. As Moore's Law continues to drive down the cost of c ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the world's population own a computer?

Computer ownership is now at about 4-5% of the worlds population; however, with many social projects putting computers in villages in developing countries between 12-14% of the worlds population have access to a computer. Approx 3-5 % of the world's population have internet access. To put this ( Full Answer )

How many people in US own computers?

currently about 76 percent of people in the united states own a computer according to the opinion research corporation caravan poll about every 3 out 4 people.

How many people own a computer in Europe?

Many people in Europe own a computer, estimated results say about 67% own a cpu, while 83% have used a Computer. Each year the estimates change. (This is off a survey)

How many people own a desktop computers?

Actually, if you mean both macs and PCs, about 9/10 people, with the occasional person who doesn't believe in electronic devices, or prefer only portable laptops.

What percentage of households own computers in 2008?

I've been looking on Google but the closest I can get to the full answer right now is 59.4% of households owning computers in 2008 were single-person households. Anyone else have a link to help get a little closer to the whole thing? It would be much appreciated.

What is the Percentage of people owning a car in Kenya?

total cars from kaa 001a to kaz 999z =999*24*23 (no o, i, or KAF) = 552,000 total cars from kba 001a to kbf 999z(current plate no.) = 999*24*6 = 144,000 total cars = 696,000 cars population - 30,0000,0000 %age = 696,000/30,000,000 = 2.32% http://www.bazaar.co.ke

Why do people buy their own personal computer?

Personal computers are easily affordable these days. They also allow you to do things that may be impractical or impossible on a public computer, such as viewing movies, shopping on online retail or auction sites, and sending personal emails and instant messages.

Percentage of people shot by their own handgun?

AFAIK there are no documented cases of a firearm "shooting" an owner. They may have been shot by someone who had their weapon however. Unaware of any FACTUAL tracking data that would answer your quesiton.

What percentage of the world uses mac computers?

http://www.cultofmac.com/apple-fourth-biggest-pc-maker-in-us/1921 According to the above link, at least 6.6 percent market share during the first quarter of 2008.

What Percentage of computers per household in US?

At least 70% or above of households owns a computer in the United States of America. Today's generation involves many people using the internet and computers in everyday lives.

What percentage of people own guns in Texas?

not sure how old this info is but from what i found (240 million total guns in america) (51 million total guns in texas) - (texas population 24 million)

What percentage of people own a computer in Washington State?

With Microsoft's headquarters located in Bellevue, Washington, there should be a great many of the residents owning a computer. In addition, with Microsoft's computer giveaway to schools, it makes it even greater. I would guess that 85% or greater of the population owes a computer. AMC

What percentage of wealth in US is owned by the Jews?

I think more than the average USA citizen realizes. But then again, the USA has many foreign investors, but Jews are the most powerful and have the most influence among minorities.

Percentage of violent people in the US?

It would really depend on to whom specifically this question is addressed, but in truth there are 350 million Americans who all have the potential for violence, much as the remaining of the world's 7 billion population.

What percentage of people in world own Bible?

Own a Bible? Not sure, but 98% of population have access to a Bible in their own language. And, interestingly, the Bible is the number 1 selling " Book" every year! .

What percentage of people in the US have gonorrhea?

About 1 1/2 % of the people in US have gonorrhea. In the US and Canada, a little over one in a hundred adults betwen 15-49 years are infected. According to the compiled statistics at wrongdiagnosis.com, the CDC estimates there are about 650,000 new cases in the US each year (2001) of which about 370 ( Full Answer )

How many people owned a computer in 1942?

Technically, zero. They were first developed and owned by institutions such as colleges and universities. The government/military was probably not far behind.

What was the percentage of the people of the south who owned slaves?

According to the book "A Chronological History of The Negro' (1968), out of a total southern white population of apprx 7 million, 2 million owned slaves. Or about 2.8% of white people owned slaves in the southern states. Additionally, 7% of all white people in southern states owned 75% of all sl ( Full Answer )

Why don't people own computers?

Some people don't have them because they can't afford them. Other people don't have any use for one, and/or don't want to learn how to use one.

What percentage of people use apple computers?

Well if you didn't know the reason apple "macs" claim "we cant get viruses" BTW they can is: the majority of the population use PCs which run on a completely different operating system. Because that the majority run on PC that's were the viruses are targeted So.... What percent use macs about ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people own a PlayStation?

50 Million PS3 150 Million PS2 70 Million PSP and 100 Million Playstations have been sold and the World Population is over 6 Billion and it is said it will hit 7 Billion sometime during 2011. A single percent of 7 Billion would be 70 million and that is how many have PSPs. twice that have PS2s, and ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people in the US own a 2nd hand Nissan?

Although the data on how many used Nissans are on the road is not available, there are some facts that are known. In America, 125 millon cars total are on the road. Nissan is a smaller company and is therefore responsible for only 11% of the market share of cars sold in America. Therefore about 13.7 ( Full Answer )

What percentage of computers are outside the US?

According to 2011 figures, the US has 321.4 million computers "in-use" out of a worldwide total of 1,657 million units. That equates to 80.6% of computers outside the US.

What percentage of people own a home in Brazil?

Well, devide the number of people by 6 and just round down to 70 and make a child love the feeling that life give you. Next, give kids brazilian chocolate. multiply the number of kids who eat the chocolate and an extra one hundred percent to the old total. Now sit making love to yourself and just ea ( Full Answer )

What percentage of citizens in North Korea own a computer?

North Korea is starting to open up to the world now that Kim Jong-Eun took power, no one knows who directly owns computers but you can use a computer in any public library there. Internet is limited but tourists and high ranking officials have access, also mobile phones are becoming popular.

How many people in Thailand own a computer?

Roughly 8,600,000 people use the Internet every day in Thailand. Finding out how many "People" in Thailand own a computer is information you would have to ask your local Internet provider(They should know).