What is the percentage of the soviet population that was communist?

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In fact at their height the percentage of population that were actual members of the Communist Party never exceeded 25%
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Was the Soviet Union communist?

No, it was actually socialist and barely even that. It was communist in name only. The type of "communism" that was in Russia bore no relation to communism as Karl Marx defined it and as Lenin promised.

What is the ratio of communist to non communist population worldwide?

\nCommunist countries are China (pop. 1,338,612,968), Cuba (pop. 11,451,652), Laos (pop. 6,834,942), North Korea (pop. 22,665,345 ), and Vietnam (pop. 86,967,524). The sum of these populations is: 1 466 532 431. The world's population is: 6,706,993,152. So, in terms of percentages, the world is abou ( Full Answer )

When did the Soviet Union become communist?

It was always communist. That was the basic foundation for the whole system of government. it was Imperial Russia until the two revolutions in 1917. firstly in February when the middle classes in the Duma (the puppet parliament) overthrew the Tsar, Nicholas II. they set up a government known as the ( Full Answer )

Who was the first leader of the Soviet Communist Party?

Vladimir Lenin was the first leader of the Communist Party. He had been the founder and leader of the Bolshevik Party since 1903 and remained so when the Bolshevik Party officially changed its name to the Communist Party in March 1918.

How did the communist governnment in the Soviet Union convince people to support their goals?

Communism which promotes the working or lower classes over thewealthy is popular among downtrodden people of all classes. Thecommunist people of Russia had long suffered from the semi-feudalsystem that was extant in early 20th century Russia. Czar Nicholaswas an absolute monarch and there were littl ( Full Answer )

Who did Stalin purge from the Soviet communist party and the military?

The Great Purge from 1934 to 1940 was used to effectively removedissenters of the Communist Party from leadership, governmentoffice, and the military. Several millions of people were detainedwith an average of 1,000 being executed a day during the mostviolent years. These acts of terror and the goal ( Full Answer )

Who was the communist dictator who established the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics?

For a brief period after the 1917 October Revolution, the RSFSR was established and headed by Aleksandr Kerensky who died in office. Vladimir Lenin was brought home to Russia and became the first Premier of the USSR from 1917 to 1922 when he retired due to ill-health and subsequently died in 1924. F ( Full Answer )

Why did the Chinese communists disagree with the Soviets?

Communism is a type of totalitarianism. It has the following characteristics: a massive repression system run by a well established secret police forces, an official and far-reaching system for denunciatory activities, single party rule, censorship, imposition of an official ("the only correct") sta ( Full Answer )

Who was a communist dictator of the Soviet Union?

Most Soviet leaders had beliefs about human dignity, the only trueSoviet dictator in every sense of the word was Joseph Stalin, whobecame the Soviet leader in 1924 and remained in power until hisdeath in 1953. His purges killed tens of thousands of communistsand resulted in the deaths of millions of ( Full Answer )

Why did the Soviets want to make the world communist?

The Soviet system was based on socialism, and specifically communism, as the highest social order possible. Capitalism as the anithesis of this order was then considered base at best, evil at worst. To 'save' people from such a system, it was felt that socialism, to the point of communism, must be ( Full Answer )

What was the relationship of north Vietnam with the communists movets let by soviet union and china?

The Soviet/Chinese Communists liked having another communist partner; that's why "they" supported North Vietnam...by supplying them with everything they needed to combat the US: T54/T55 medium tanks, PT76 Amphibious light tanks, artillery, rockets, SAMs, small arms, MiG17, 19, and 21 jet interceptor ( Full Answer )

Communist leader of the Soviet Union?

Joseph Stalin during WW2 and Vladimir Ivashko during the Cold War. Actually no. Lenin began the regime and Stalin took over when he died. Stalin was murdered and Nikita Krushchev was his sucessor. Leonid Breshnev was next and Mikail Gorbachev was part of the fall of the USSR. Ivashko was one of G ( Full Answer )

Was a wise political move for Nixon to visit communist china ns the soviet union?

He had an agenda. And he carried it out. Those visits were to ensure Red China and the USSR "didn't panic" when Tricky Dick (his nickname back in those days) blasted Hanoi with B52s during operations Linebacker and Linebacker II. These two bombing campaigns were a prelude to his withdrawal moves.

What was the communist leader of the Soviet Union during World War II?

Joseph Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union during World War II and he picked up many facts about atomic weapons that Roosevelt, because of old age, let slip out. With that knowledge, the Soviet Union became a superpower in the Cold War with a huge Stockholm of nuclear weaponry and armaments. H ( Full Answer )

Who was the General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party after Lenin died?

Joseph Stalin held the position of "General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party" before and after Lenin died in 1924. There was no such position as "General Secretary of the Soviet Union." Lenin never served in the General Secretary's position. He created it in 1922 and gave ( Full Answer )

Who were 3 Soviet communist leaders?

Vladimir Lenin, the first leader of the Soviet Union; Joseph Stalin, the dictator of the Soviet Union; Nikita Khrushchev, who took over after Stalin and Georgi Malenkov

What was the Communist dictator of Soviet Union?

Vladimir Lenin (Dec 30 1922- Jan 21 1924) Mixed Power (From 1924 until 1932, power shared, however Joseph Stalin held most power from 1928 and was gaining since 1924) Joseph Stalin (1932-Mar 5, 1953) Nikita Khruschev (Sep 14, 1953-Oct 14, 1964) Leonid Brezhnev (Oct 14, 1964-Nov 10, 1982 ( Full Answer )

What is the Soviet Communist theory?

After the 1917th revolution, the Soviet Union was restructured with \nnew political system based on the Marxist-Leninist principles. The newly\nformed communist party by Lenin shows much interest in the media which \nserves to the working class in the country and their welfares. So the \nSoviet ori ( Full Answer )

Why did the Soviet communists dislike the Kulaks?

The Russian Kulaks were mostly peasant class farm owners. They faced a regime under Lenin & Stalin that at first were radical Bolshevik communists. They saw the Kulaks as a problem because they supported the overthrow of the Bolshevik regime. Later, they refused to sell their crops at the price set ( Full Answer )

What did fascist Germany ad the communist soviet union have in common?

In both countries the government was dictatorial. Everything depended on one person's opinion and will. In both countries there was one-party system. In both countries there were camps for the opposition or the people undesired to separate and kill them. They both had a secret police and anyone coul ( Full Answer )

How did communist new weapons have an effect between the US and Soviet Union?

After the Communists gained nuclear weapons, it became clear to the two nations that they could not go into direct combat with the each other without engaging in a potential nuclear war. That is what made this conflict the cold war. Both the US and the Soviet Union could only try to gain the upper h ( Full Answer )

How did the soviet union respond to the anti-communist revolt in Hungary?

They sent in the Soviet Army, rolled tanks throughout the country and crushed the opposition. A Soviet backed government was installed, 26,000 people were arrested, 22,000 were sentenced, 13,000 imprisoned, and hundreds executed. As well hundreds were deported to work camps with no trial. About 200, ( Full Answer )