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Its just a retaining clip, nothing fancy, it is connected to the door lock assembly and holds the door lock rod in place.

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Why don't the Back doors open from the inside on a 1997 mercury mountaineer?

The child lock feature is probably switched on , open the back doors from outside and on the end of each door about 3 inches from the latching mechanism is a small lever , move the lever down

Is a radius is a chord of a circle?

No, a radius connects the center of a circle the a point on the outside, a chord connects to points on the outside of the circle. Thanks for asking on

Why wont my back doors open from inside 1999 explorer xlt?

Are the switches on for the childproof door locks ? Open each back door from outside and look about 3 inches below the latching mechanism on the door and see if the levers are switched up , if so move the lever down

How do you replace tailgate handle on Chevy 2000 s10?

First you need to remove the trim bezel around the handle on the outside of the tailgate. Then remove the three bolts on the inside of the tailgate,that hold the handle in place. Next remove the latching mechanism rods from the handle,and remove the handle from the tailgate.

The connection of the uterus to the outside of the body is?

The vagina connects the uterus to the outside of the body.

What tubelike structure connects the kidney to the bladder?

Ureter. The urethra connects the bladder to the outside world.

Which part of the ear connects it to the outside world?

The part of the ear that connects it to the outside world is the outer ear. The outer ear contains the ear drum and the bell. The bell is the part of the ear that shows on the outside.

What mechanism will be used by public namespace to provide DFS referrals?

Lowest cost mechanism. Other mechanism are : -Random order -Exclude targets outside of the client's site

What is the function of the ureta?

The urethra is a tube that connects from your bladder to the outside of the body.

Your outside door handle mechanism has snapped is this under warranty?

Check with the dealership.

What is the definition of informal settlement?

In law, the resolution of a dispute outside of the mechanism of the courts.

Will 16 in Rims Fit A 1995 Pathfinder?

Yes, with the right offset and an outside tire diameter that is consistent with the stock size.

What nervous system connects all the body parts found outside the CNS?


What is the muscular pathway that connects the uterus to the outside of the body?

It is called the vagina or birth canal.

What homeostatic mechanism do humans have to help maintain your body temperature when it is warm outside?


What does the urethra connects the urinary bladder to?

The outside world. Urine leaves the body through the urethra

What is the muscular tube leading from the uterus?

The vagina is the muscular tube that connects the uterus to the outside world.

What role does the urethra have in the functioning of the excretory system?

The urethra connects the bladder to the outside of your body , which is the vagina

How do you remove the t tops from the outside?

You don't. Unless the window is open. Then you can stick your hand in and do the mechanism.

What is the difference between the ureter and the urethra?

They are on different parts of the bladder; each ureter connects near the top/sides of the bladder; the urethra starts at the lower part of the bladder. The Ureter connects the kidneys to the bladder. The urethra connects the bladder to the outside world.

How come i can open the driver side door from the inside but not the outside on my 2002 Isuzu Rodeo?

Because the outside handle has lost it's connection with the locking mechanism.

Deiffrence between internet and intranet?

The Internet connects you to the outside world. The Intranet is a network of systems inside a business. People outside the organization can't access the Intranet.

What type oil to use for 2000 pathfinder?

5w-30 viscosity with outside temperature-range of -20 to +100 f 10w-30 or 10w-40 viscosity with outside temperature - range of 0 to + 100 f

What is the stoma?

A Stoma is an opening, either naturally or surgically created, which connects the portion of the body cavity to the outside environment.

Can I hook up outside speakers to the VocoPro Bravo Pro?

The VocoPro Bravo Pro easily connects to other systems, like outside speakers, through an output jack.