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It is a swift attacher!

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โˆ™ 2007-05-21 20:31:37
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Q: What is the plastic thing called that holds price tags to clothing merchandise etc?
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A plastic container that holds food what is that called?

its called a jar

What is the plastic holder that holds 6 pack called?

Its commonly reffered to as the plastic holder...and it often holds six packs....hope I helped (:

What is a plastic tube called that holds a substance?

If it to merely carry a chemical it is called a vial

What do you call the container that holds prizes in a gumball machine?

Typically the glass/ plastic bowl on a gumball machine is called a GLOBE.

What is the plastic piece that holds the lines to the expansion valve on a 1995 Toyota Camry called?

The name of the plastic piece that holds the lines to the expansion valve in a 1995 Toyota Camry is called a clam shell ventilator. As of 2013, the clam shell ventilator can be purchased for around $10, plus tax and shipping.

What cup holds more heat a glass cup or a plastic cup?

A plastic cup holds more heat because plastic can't take out heat. Glass conducts heat away.

What holds a nucleus together?

The cell membrane, which is like a plastic baggy, holds the nucleus together.

What is a plastic deli container?

Its exactly what it sounds like- a plastic container that holds deli such as beef.

What do you call the black plastic that holds in the headlights?

Headlight door

What holds the dyson dc07 together?

Plastic, screws and bolts!!!

Why do you use plastic water bottles?

Plastic is cheap - It's fairly durable, holds water perfectly.

What clothing accessories start with the letter 'i'?

Inro is a Japanese clothing accessory. It is a case that holds small objects and is attached to an obi.

Which holds more weight Plastic or Aluminum foil?

Aliminium (I think)

What holds more weight a paper or plastic bag?

Paper bags on average hold more weight then plastic bags

How do you replace the plastic piece that holds the window on a 1991 Mazda?

pritt stick

Can you sellย barackย obamaย merchandiseย withoutย permission?

Yes, when someone holds public office, they also become public domain.

What part holds the testes?

The sac that holds the testes is called the scrotum.

What is the plant that a dove holds called?

The dove holds an olive branch

What do you call the plastic or metal case that holds the components of a computer together?

The "computer case."

Where can you get the plastic piece that holds the switch that puts your convertible top down?

Dealer or junkyard

What is the metal or plastic case that holds all the physical parts of the computer?

System Unit.....

What is the pouch called that holds the testes?

It is called the scrotum

What is the muscle called that holds the pee?

it is called the sphincter.

How does a clothes peg work?

If you use one of the old-fashioned ones, it's simply a piece of wood with a slit in it. It works by sliding it onto the clothing and the pressure of clothing + clothesline holds the clothing onto the line.If you use one of the spring-operated pins, the pressure from the spring holds everything in place.

What is an interaction that holds two atoms together called?

The interaction that holds two atoms together is called Chemical Bond. It holds two atoms togethter. :)