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What is the plastic thing called that holds price tags to clothing merchandise etc?


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2007-05-21 20:31:37
2007-05-21 20:31:37

It is a swift attacher!


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Its commonly reffered to as the plastic holder...and it often holds six packs....hope I helped (:

If it to merely carry a chemical it is called a vial

The name of the plastic piece that holds the lines to the expansion valve in a 1995 Toyota Camry is called a clam shell ventilator. As of 2013, the clam shell ventilator can be purchased for around $10, plus tax and shipping.

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Its exactly what it sounds like- a plastic container that holds deli such as beef.

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Inro is a Japanese clothing accessory. It is a case that holds small objects and is attached to an obi.

Paper bags on average hold more weight then plastic bags

If you use one of the old-fashioned ones, it's simply a piece of wood with a slit in it. It works by sliding it onto the clothing and the pressure of clothing + clothesline holds the clothing onto the line.If you use one of the spring-operated pins, the pressure from the spring holds everything in place.

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Retail sales promotion scheme under which a customer deposits a fraction of the cost of the merchandise he or she wants but cannot buy at present. The store holds the merchandise until a certain date on or before which the customer completes the payment and takes the delivery.

The force that holds two atoms together is called a chemical bond.

By replacing the radiator. I've seen people use JB Plastic Weld and it only holds up for a few weeks.

Are you serious? a plastic container is something that holds food or liquid. you store it in a refridgerator(: thanks for your questionlove, Lindsay and Rae Rae Jonas [:

The atoms present in plastic are hold by covalent bonds, intermolecular forces and occasionally intra-molecular forces.

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