What is the plot of Othello?

In Othello, Shakespeare deals with the classic scenario of a black dude hooken-up with a white chick.. her dad is 'oh-my-goodness' angry when he finds out, because Othello has been doin' stuff behind his back. A real scum-bag called Iago decides that Othello needs to be pulled down a peg-or-two... you see he is real jealous cause Othello didn't give him the promotion he wanted... he sets up this plan with a missus (Desdomona) is messing around... (of course to kill Othello) It all ends in tears... Roderigo dead, Othello stabs himself, smouthers Desdomaona, Iago stabs Emilia, all three end up dead on the bed together. Iago is punished until death.