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Check with your local government (i.e., city, county). Every jurisdiction has different rules.

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Can our landlord leave flyers in your mailbox?

Technically, no, but good luck finding someone who cares. Placing anything without a stamp in a mailbox (any mailbox) is a violation of federal postal law. The USPS considers your mailbox to be a part of their system, and placing a letter in it without a stamp is considered use of their system without paying for it. Also, some legal scholars think this is a violation of the tenant's privacy, since the mailbox is part of the apartment. If the flyer left is rude or obnoxious, a judge might rule it a breach of quiet enjoyment. Otherwise, you'll be hard pressed to find a postal inspector who cares, or a judge who cares either.

Can you put mail in someones mailbox without stamps?

Yes, as long as it isn't stolen mail. No, it is illegal, even to place a flyer on the flag. The mailbox is US Government property.

What is a sentence for the word flyer?

The kids read about the food drive on a flyer tucked in the newspaper. He distributed a flyer about his lawn care services hoping to earn money over the summer.

Whenever I backspot in cheerleading once we cradle and the stunt is done my arms REALLY hurt I know it's not muscle strength as its not in my muscles Am I doing something wrong?

i am a flyer and my backpsot taught me how to catch. instead of just placing your arms under the flyer, try to scoop your flyer underneath her armpits.

Is it illegal to open another person's mailbox and to put a flyer inside?

it is illegal. i would check with your mailman/woman and give the flyers to him/her to deliver if that's what youre trying to do

What is e-flyer?

a flyer is e-mailimnAn E-Flyer is an Electronic Flyer, it's communicate like a paper flyer, but it's online flyer, and can be animated too.

How does Walmart market their products?

they use the radio and television to put ads in and they also have their own website and on top of all that they send a flyer in the newspaper

What was the name of the Wright brothers first airplane?

the wright flyer or the flyerThe flyer

What is a flyer?

The flyer is the distribtion of people !

Where can one find coupons for febreeze?

Coupons for Febreeze can be found on the Febreeze website, BrandSaver, Retail Me Not, Save and Coupon Mama. They can also be found in newspaper flyer inserts.

Should you be A Flyer?

Not everyone can be a flyer. If you are a flyer you shouldn't be as tall as your bases, front, and especially your back. You can be as heavier than you bases or backs. So not everyone can be a flyer

What airplanes did the wright brothers invent?

The Wright FlyerThe Wright Flyer IIThe Wright Flyer III

Can I download a manual for fitness flyer?

fitness flyer

Is Daniel Bryan a high-flyer?


How can you get parts for a radio flyer wagon?

You can get parts for the Radio Flyer Wagons from the Radio Flyer website. You can call also Radio Flyer at 1-800-621-7613.

When was Valley Flyer created?

Valley Flyer was created in 1939.

What do you call a female flyer?

a female flyer is called an aviatrix.

Is Alberto Del Rio A High-Flyer?

Not really

Which is taller the Singapore Flyer or the London Eye?

The Singapore Flyer

What is the largest text on a flyer?

the largest text on a flyer is the headline :)

When was Radio Flyer created?

Radio Flyer was created in 1917.

When was Blue Flyer created?

Blue Flyer was created in 1934.

Examples of marketing strategies?

There are several kinds of marketing strategies. These include advertisement of different sorts: newspaper, poster, flyer, television, and radio. There are also promos and discounts as marketing strategies.

Where can someone find there nearest AmeriSuites hotel?

One can find the nearest AmeriSuites hotel by looking at local newspaper, magazine, flyer, and brochure advertisements where hotels usually advertise themselves.

Is fliers plural for flyer?

Plural of FlyerIn English, the spellings of flyer and flier are acceptable, with f-l-i-e-r being preferred. The plural of flier is fliers. The plural of flyer is flyers.