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What is the popular name for Canis Major?


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Canis Major is a constellation, included in the Ptolemy's 48 constellations, and still included among the 88 constellations.

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Canis major is one Orion's hunting dogs Canis major contains the star Sirius in it which is the brightest star in the sky Canis major comes along with Canis minor

The Greeks thought the constellation Canis Major looked like a big dog so that's what they named it (Canis Major is Greek for "Big Dog.").

Canis Major means Big Dog and to the ancient civilisations it looked like a big dog.

Canis Major is a constilation. Cy canis majoris is a star.

Canis Major is a constellation.

The eye of Canis Major is Sirius

The Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy is classified as an irregular galaxy. As the name suggests, it is also a dwarf galaxy.

People in Colombia found Canis Major

Canis major is a constellation not a single star

because of the dog it was named after.

Canis major was named by the africans.

canis major includes one of the brightest star sirius. canis major is chasing lepus in front of him canis major includes a cluster of stars known as M41

Canis Major is one of the eighty-eight modern constellations. Its name is Latin for "greater dog", and is one of Orion's hunting dogs. The other dog of Orion is called Canis Minor.

'Canis Major' is latin for 'great dog' - the ancients believed that by joining the stars within canis major in a sort of celestial dot-to-dot you would see the shape of a large dog in the sky, so they named it thus.

"Great dog" and "Lesser dog". Except in Latin, so it's Canis Major and Canis Minor.

The big dog (Canis Major).

Canis Major is a constellation, therefore there is no centre.

"Canis Major" is the Latin name used for the constellation "the Greater Dog". The main stars have Greek letters in the Bayer system, combined with the constellation name. When naming a star in a constellation, the genitive (possessive) case of the Latin constellation name is used. For Canis Major that is "Canis Majoris". For example, Sirius is Alpha Canis Majoris in the Bayer star naming system. It means "Star A of the greater dog". (Sirius is also called the 'Dog Star'.)

the nearest galaxy is the Canis Major irregular galaxy.

There are exactly 9 stars in Canis Major including Sirius, Canis Majors point star.

Yes Sirius is in Canis Major or Big Dog!! :-)

the canis major dwarf galaxy in the constellation canis major

Canis Major is bordered by Monoceros, Lepus, Columba and Puppis.

Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy was created in 2003.

I think the best time to see canis major is in the spring time I think the best time to see canis major is in the spring time I think the best time to see canis major is in the spring time

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