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What is the population of Lithuania?

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According to the CIA World Factbook, as of July 2009 the estimated population of Lithuania was 3,555,179.

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What population has Lithuania?

The population of Lithuania is about 2.87 million.

What is the population of lithuana?

Lithuania has a population of 3,329,227

What's the population of Lithuania?

In 2010 there are around 4 000 000 people in Lithuania.

What was the population of Lithuania in 1989?

3.3 million

Is Lithuania bigger than Ireland?

No; Lithuania has an area 65,300 km2 and a population of 3,182,755 while Ireland has an area 70,273 km2 and a population of 4,588,252

How rich is Lithuania?

Yes, they are. Lithuania is probably the richest counrty in Europe because they have very little people. population (3,565,205)

What is the birth rate of Lithuania?

2009 figures for the birth rate of Lithuania indicate 9.11 births per 1,000 population.

What is the population density of Lithuania?

132 people per square mile.

What was the Jewish population in Lithuania before world war 2?

168,000 Jews

Percent of Catholic in Lithuania?

Lithuania's population is reported to be about 77.2% Roman Catholic.

What is the total population of Lithuania?

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What is the largest baltic country in Europe?

Lithuania is the largest Baltic state in terms of area and population.

Which countries have a negative rate of natural population growth in eastern Europe?

Belarus, Poland , Lithuania

How many people are roman catholics in Lithuania?

According to statistics,the people in Lithuania who are Catholics are more than two million eight hundred forty thousand. They account 79% of the population.

What country lost the largest percentage of its Jewish population during World War 2?

That was either Lithuania or Poland. Undoubtedly Lithuania because just about all the Jewish ghettos build there were burned down.

What is Lithuania?

Lithuania is a country in Eastern Europe.

What was Lithuania once called?


Is Lithuania a desert?

No, Lithuania is not a desert.

Who is the tenant of Lithuania National Stadium?

The tenant of Lithuania National Stadium is Lithuania national football team in Lithuania and it is under construction.

What is the capital of Lithuania?

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.

Where is the capital of Lithuania?

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius

What is the captil of Lithuania?

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.

Is Lithuania republic?

Yes,Lithuania is republic

Is Lithuania located in Europe or Asia?

Lithuania is in Europe. Also, Lithuania is a geografical center of Europe.

How long can the leader of Lithuania stay the leader of Lithuania?

until he dies because iam from lithuania