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== == * Very low possibility, but possible. When a man cheats, there are two types: one night stand or continuing affair. The first is easier to work through (still difficult, but a little easier), the second is emotional and deeply involves the 3rd party. Get counseling and try if your marriage is worth saving. If there are no kids involved and you feel he will cheat again, leave him and find someone who deserves a faithful wife. * I think you know that he has probably cheated on you before marriage, but possibly thought you could change him when married or he'd change himself. You have a choice here. Put your foot down with him and tell him you're a one man woman or he can hit the bricks! Don't waste your time on letting him rule the situation. Stand up for yourself girl! * This does not mean that you should forgive him for his cheating but it simply indicates that you do not know enough about each other. What I would do is simply ask him like this: "I am deeply hurt that you cheated on me, what made you do it?" You will probably get an evasive answer at first but keep on asking and try to find out what he thinks is lacking in your relationship. Be certain though that this is not going to be a one-sided situation. If he explains his reason - and there is a strong possibility that he'll blame you - make certain that you also make demands off him. We call that the "Tit for Tat" solution, e.a. resolving problems in a reciprocal way. See more about "Tit for Tat" solutions in Meyer's "Marriages, Shack-ups and Other Disasters."

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What will you do if your husband cheats?

If your husband cheated on you, you'd either give him another chance for your marriage, or break up with him. If your husband cheats you will have to decide if the marriage is worth saving. In many cases, if a man cheats he will more than likely cheat again and you should move on. If he truly wants to change then you can set up marriage counseling.

When is it time to leave a marriage?

Whenever you feel the marriage is hindering your life not helping it. Or when your husband/wife cheats on you.

What to do if your husband cheats and give you an STD?

You should see a doctor before you see a marriage counselor or an attorney.

What is the name for a woman whose husband cheats on her?

There is no special name for a woman whose husband cheats on her. The name of a man whose wife cheats on him is a cuckold.

What is the name for a women who is cheating on her husband?

An adulteress is a woman who cheats on her husband.

Husband cheats but leaves you very unsatisfied sexually what should you do?

Try marriage counselling. newtest3 _______________________________________________________________________ honestly, I'd leave him. you know your husband and whether he is sincerely sorrow or if he's capable of doing it again. if he's capable, he just might do it again.

How do you know when to give up marriage?

When your spouse cheats on you.

What does it mean to dream your husband cheats on you?

that your marige is failling

What to do when you love your husband but he is a drug user he lies and he cheated on you and he isn't doing anything to change his ways and he says he don't need marriage counseling?

You love someone who lies to you, cheats on you, and uses drugs?

How different is a marriage after the husband cheats?

After a husband cheats and comes home to his wife, he has broken that serious bond of trust and will have to earn it back which will take months to possibly a year or more. The relationship between the husband and wife will not be the same as she will always be reminded of his cheating and wondering if he still is cheating. Time is the factor to gain the trust back and treating the wife with respect and with love. If the husband cannot display this affection he would be doing her a favor of leaving her.

Are there any Dragons cave cheats?

No; Dragon Cave is not a game that encourages cheats or would be easier whilst using cheats. If there is any possibility that there will ever be cheats (which I doubt and hope against), they do not exist as of yet.~Eustic

If a married man cheats on his wife does that mean they are problems in his marriage?

there are major problems in that marriage B: A couple don't need to have a problem with their marriage for a husband to have an affair. A Happy and perfect marriage also hit by a husband ending up with affair. All we need to know is why we do it and never cared about consequences. If we all search we all going to find that there's a lot of couples with or without problem ending up cheating. There are some not most, couples marriage will have a problem small or huge because the husband or wife started cheating. In the survey you will find out that affair, cheating, emotional or even infidelity is the main cost of couples problem.

Can you sue your husband if he cheats on you?

Yes, you and your husband made a pact to stay together until death parts you.

What is the movie where the husband is some writer or editor and the wife works with a rock band and cheats on her husband?


Is it okay to divorce a husband who beats and cheats on his his wife?


Can you divorce faster if your husband cheats?

yes, go to the court, now!!

What if your husband cheats with your sister and they both deny it and they become angry?


What movie is it when the husband cheats on the wife with the perfume woman?

The Women (1939)

Where do you get salvage arm in Zelda?

to get the salvage arem beat the first two spirit temples then go to eddo's island and scream into to the microphone and he will sell it to you as low as 300 rupees this does not work or maybe it does i do not know(this is a diffrent person i use cheats)

What if your husband cheated and has STD can you sue lover anilation affection law in NC?

I believe you mean the Alienation of Affection law. That law states that when an outsider has a hand in ruining a marriage i.e. husband cheats on wife and wants to leave wife for mistress, that the outsider(mistress)can be sued for making the husband/wife want to end their marriage. In this case, where hubby has cheated and brought home an STD, this law would not apply unless he is saying he wants to end the marriage and move in w/girlfriend in happy herpes bliss. My advice to you is to do your own sort of alienation and tell the whole town about the mistress, your husband cheating and the STD!

How do you know if the man you are cheating on your husband with loves you?

Unfortunately, you will never be sure because you know cheating is wrong. Often either a female or male partner that knows that person is cheating on their spouse (even if that person is cheating on their spouse as well) will think 'if she/he cheats on her husband then she would cheat on me.' There are many men out there that take advantage of women who are lonely; feel unloved or unappreciated by their husbands. You need to mature and try and make your marriage work by seeking marriage counseling and if you do not love your husband enough to do this or at least try in your marriage you should have the courage to tell your husband you no longer love him and start divorce proceedings.

Can marriage work after your husband cheated on you for the third time?

The only people who know whether or not a marriage is going to work are the people in it. However, it's important to look at your motivations and understand what you're expecting and why you want to try. A husband who cheats a third time will cheat a fourth time - if that's something you're willing to accept, it may be worth it to keep your marriage. But if you're wanting to stay with him out of fear of being alone, fear of the shame of it and not because you want to be married to him (the real him--the cheater him) and you're expecting to change, you should consider what kind of marriage you do want.

If a wife cheats on her husband is it normal for the wife to compomise to stay as long as she can stay friends with the lover?

The husband should kick her rear right out the door! No, it's not normal to stay with a husband as long as she can see her lover. There are no compromises after taking marriage vows and when those vows were taken that meant you were suppose to remain partners in marriage throughout your lives. Granted, not all marriages work out, but cheating is cheap and disrespectful to the partner and that bond of trust one has with their mate is gone and hard to get back. She needs to make up her mind and the husband needs to get a backbone!

How long does it take for a wife to get over her husband cheating on her?

Trust is one of those precious things that comes back smaller than it was before it left. When cheating occurs, trust is hard to recover and is never as strong as it once was. A wife who's husband cheats (or a husband who's wife cheats) will most likely never get over it entirely. She can try to put her marriage back together, try to believe in her husband, try not to blame herself, try to think of the future and not the past...but she'll always wonder each time he leaves the house. Each and every time.

Why is it always the wife who get blamed when her spouse cheat?

Not all people blame the wife when her husband cheats, but sometimes men simply stick together and try to blame the wife, while the females generally back the wife. Your true friends will back you and that is all you need to move forward in your life. If you want to stay with your husband and he is willing then never mind what other people think and concentrate on making your marriage stronger by seeing a marriage counselor.