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The power output on a car battery will depend on how many cells the battery has. Each cell puts out 2.1 volts.

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What is the power output of a d battery?

About 8000-19500 mAh at 1.5V

How do you calculate battery backup of 12v 7.2Ah output power of 25W?


Is a battery input or output?

Neither, it is a power source providing the energy to make the device work.

What two factors determine the output energy of a battery?

The energy delivered by a battery would depend on-- the battery's voltage-- the resistance of the load connected across its output terminals-- the length of the time the load is connectedThe power delivered by the battery is [ (voltage)2 divided by (load resistance) ].The total energy delivered by the battery is [ (power) multiplied by (time the load is connected) ].

What does the wire do that goes from the positive battery terminal to the back of aternater?

This is the main output from the alternator. It charges the battery and maintains power to the rest of the car's circuitry.

Could a lemon battery power a motor?

depends on the motor voltage . you can use voltameter to measure the output voltage from the lemon battery and compare it with the desired motor :)

What are the disadvantages of current batteries?

Heavy weight, power loss when converting the DC output to AC output, temperature limits, toxic substances in battery construction/disposal.

Can you replace a NiMH Panasonic battery with a Duracell?

You can replace a Panasonic NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) battery with a similar Duracell NiMH battery of the same size and with the same voltage and power output.

Can a 12 volt battery charger use to power a 12 volts amplifier?

The battery charger can be used but it is not recommended. The battery charger does not have filtering on the its output like a power supply does. You will probably hear an AC ripple on the amplifier which will become very annoying when listening to the amplifier.

Can you run three phase electricity from a battery?

The usual reason for wanting three phase power is because of a large power requirement. Batteries are unsuitable for this. For lower power A.C. applications a battery can be used to supply an inverter which gives a single phase output.

How do you find power input with given power factor and power output?

Output Power divided by Power Factor.

What is power output?

Efficiency is the ratio of Output Power to Input Power and is uaually expressed as a percentage. n (eta) is the symbol for efficiency.Input Power = Output Power + Losses

How do you select the best battery for your watches when the previous one is about to die?

Take out the old battery and buy a new one that is the same - size, power output, and matching serial numbers. Most shops that sell watches will replace the battery for you.

Does a D cell battery have more energy than the 9-volt battery?

A D cell battery has a voltage output of 1.5 volts, while a 9 volt battery produces about 9 volts. This is just the potential energy though. D cells provide far more current for a longer time then a 9 volt battery. In terms of overall power output, a D cell in give you many times more power than a 9 volt battery. Physical size, in this case is a good indicator as the material inside is the same.

What difference between RF power output watt and electrical power output watt?

The difference is in the output frequency.

Can A Computer Output Electricity In Computercraft you can say if true output power on this side Can you say in a program to output power say to light a light So if true then output power to led's?

A Computer Output Electricity in Computercraft cannot be said to make a program to output power, regardless of the side.

What kind of chargers have a 12v DC output?

Battery chargers have a 12v DC output.

What is a series connection?

Series connection is the connection of positive to positive and negative to negative to reinforce the power of the battery without changing the output supply.

What is the power output of 100 kw power plant?

The power output of a 100 kw power plant is 100 kw.

How does force affect power output?

Force affects the speed of power output. If the driving force is slow, the speed of power output will also be sluggish. Alternatively, if the driving force is fast, power output will be able to match the speed.

Is alkaline battery ac or DC?

An alkaline battery's output is DC as is any battery.

If you do work on an object in half the time your power output is?

twice the usual power output.

A battery in your vehicle stores what?

The battery in a vehicle stores energy so that it can be used to power motor vehicle electrical/electronic systems when the engine is not running or when the output from the generator alone does not meet the power requirements of the systems.The Substance inside the battery is called electrolyte, and plates which consists of a grid which holds lead paste.

Where does the CMOS power come from when the computer is off?

The complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) power comes from the CMOS battery located on the motherboard. This battery powers the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) and stores the start-up config for the computer.

Is a power suppply a input or output device?