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The answer is the legislative branch can approve treaties to settle argument that are unconstitutional. Hope it helped!

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Which branch approves treaties negotiated by the executive branch?

Legislative (the Senate in particular)

Which of the branches of the US government approves treaties?

In the United States, treaties with foreign governments are negotiated by the US executive branch. All treaties, however, must be approved by the US Senate.

How are treaties negotiated?

I am not sure

Who writes the treaties?

Treaties are usually negotiated and written by diplomats.

What is the process by which treaties are negotiated and approved?

Treaties are negotiated by the Administrative branch, the President and the Department of State, and then sent to the Senate for approval.

Who approves the treaties negotiated by the President?

the senate

What group must approve treaties negotiated by the president?

The Senate must approve treaties.

Treaties negotiated by the President must be approved by the?


In what way are executive agreements different from treaties?

Treaties are more formal than executive agreements

Treaties negotiated by the president must be approved by?

Congressn m8

Does the executive branch sign treaties?

Yes, the executive branch (aka the president) can negotiate and sign treaties, but Congress can approve or reject these treaties.

Over the last 50 years how many treaties have been negotiated related to water and water sources?

well over the last 50 years 99 treaties have been negotiated

The series of treaties that ended World War 1 were negotiated at?


Who has the power make treaties with foreign countries?

In the United States the executive branch of government negotiates treaties with other nations. The US Senate must vote to approve any treaty negotiated by the executive branch. Often times the US President negotiates treaties, in other cases this duty is carried out by a top US Official such as the US Secretary of State with the approval of the President. Then the treaty is sent to the senate.

Why the US government negotiated with tribes prior to 1876 just like they negotiated with Great Britain France etc?

treaties -Blissful

Can refuse foreign treaties?

The executive branch is responsible for decisions on foreign treaties.

What power does the House of Representataives have with foreign treaties?

The House of Representatives has no power with regard to foreign treaties. Treaties with foreign government are negotiated by the President subject to the advice and consent of the Senate only.

Which branch of government approves treaties?

The senate approves and disapproves treaties but the executive branch makes the treaties with the other countries!

How are executive agreements different from formal treaties?

executive agreements do not have to be approved by the senate

Who has the job of making treaties?

Executive Branch

Which branch of government makes treaties?


Which branch makes treaties?

The Executive Branch

Which brach makes treaties with other countries?

The executive branch makes treaties with the approval of congress.

Which treaties negotiated by Commodore Matthew Perry in 1854 ended the Japanese isolationism?

Treaty of Kanawaga

Which branch has the power to make treaties?

The Executive Branch