What is the price of 1 pound of cheese?

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How many pounds is one cup of cheese?

Since 'pounds' refers to the weight of the cheese, the answer will vary according to the mass or density of the cheese itself. One cup of cottage cheese or cream cheese will likely weigh more than one cup of shredded cheddar as an example.

How many grams are in a pound of cream cheese?

There are as many grams in a pound of cream cheese as there are in a pound of anything else - exactly 453.59237. (In fact, this is how a pound is defined.)

What is a better price 1 pound of shells for 6.99 or 1 gallon of shells for 17.95?

There's no easy way to answer, as you're comparing weight versus volume. To accurately calculate the difference you'd need to know the size/volume/weight of the average shell, and this would still be an estimate. It would be better to obtain the average number of shells per pound versus the average ( Full Answer )

How much does cheese cost per pound?

Cheese price varies depending on variety. The average cheese costis around three dollars a pound. Cheese can go up to 30 dollars ormore a pound for gourmet cheese.

What is the average price for 1 pound of steak?

Completely depends on the type of steak. Round steak is cheap, a buck or so. A rib eye, New York strip or Porterhouse may run you over $10.00 Check out any supermarket website for some pricing.

What is the Price for 1 pound of marijuana?

West Coast- (1gram of tree is about the size of a 3D quarter) Street : 1gram = $10 (10sac,dime) 1/8ounce = 3.5grams = $30 (dub) 1/4ounce = 7grams = $60 (a quarter,quad) 1/2ounce = 14grams = $100 (a half) 1ounce = 28grams = $200 (zip,onion,O) 1pound = 16ounces = $3000 Club : 1gram ( Full Answer )

What is the price of one pound of cheese?

it all depends where you are, and what kind of cheese you are looking at getting. for example, here in Canada, a pound (or large brick) of cheddar would be 8 0 10 dollars, where as a pound of parm or ricoatta would be close to 15 .. mind you, this is at a regular grocery store.

How many fluid ounces in 1 pound of cheese sauce?

About 16 fl. oz. or 1 pint of liquid weighs a pound.. And just to clarify somenthing: Its not called a "dry ounce". Volume is "fl. oz." weight is simply "oz". A lot people get this whole ounce thing confused. Every ingredient has a different density, therefore a cup of something will not always wei ( Full Answer )

Is a pound of bricks heavier than a pound of cheese?

No a pound of cheese is not heavier than a pound of bricks. although if you meant literal pound, then they're both the same If you meant a British pound (unit of currency, rather than weight), you can probably get more bricks for a pound than cheese.

Is one pound of bricks equivalent to one pound of cheese?

yes there both one pound ======= It's a bit messy to say that they're "equivalent". Their colors, textures, compositions, nutritional values, and probably their shapes, are very different. But their weights are identical.

Cost of one pound of cheese?

That would vary a lot, depending on the country, what part of the country you are in, the kind of cheese, the time of the year, and even the exact definition of a pound, which varies from country to country. As an example, the cheapest cheese in Bolivia sells for something around Bs. 16.00 per kilog ( Full Answer )

What are the Dimensions of 2000 pound block of cheese?

The question cannot be answered sensibly for a number of reasons: . different cheeses have different volumes and so the volumes of a 2000 pound block of cheese will vary. . the dimensions depend upon the shape of the block - whether it is spherical, an ellipsoid, a cuboid or whatever - will dete ( Full Answer )

How many pints are in two pounds of cheese?

It will depend on the type of cheese and how it is cut up. Pints are a measure of liquid volume. Pounds is a measure of weight/mass. They don't convert directly because of density.

Does 2 cups of cheese equal 1 pound?

These cannot be converted. CUPS is a measurement of Volume and POUNDS is a measurement of weight. Two cups of feathers will weigh far less than two cups of gold. - - - - - If you mean SHREDDED cheese...two cups is half a pound.

Which weighs more pound of bricks or a pound of cheese?

If you've been truthful with us, and there really is a pound of each, then their weight is identical ... one pound. In this context, we're usually asked about feathers too. A pound of feathers also has the same weight as a pound of bricks or a pound of cheese. Moreover, just to keep all of ( Full Answer )

How many ounces in a pound for ricotta cheese?

There are always 16 ounces in a pound, no matter what kind of substance you are weighing (except for a few precious metals). If you were actually trying to get a recipe for lasagna, let me know.

How much a pound of cheese cost?

It depends on the type of cheese you intend on buying as well as where you buy it from and circumstances. For example if a cheese manufacturer charged distributors more, the distributors would then charge customers more.