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What is the primary source of cooling for most computers?

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don't have anything block the computer. usually in most computers they have fans for cooling anyways, and if you block that or not allow it to do its job it will get hotter because its something you can control.

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What do most computers need?

A power source

Do they use electricity to make magnets in computers?

Yes, all computers use electrical magnets somehow. Example: There is a little cooling fan in most computers.

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I believe that a encyclopedia is a secondary source, because the person who wrote it most likely didn't witness every single event in it. __--FROM GENIUS--__

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Newspapers encyclopedias, dictionaries and textbooks are all examples of secondary sources .Another answerA secondary source can be explained most coherently by starting with the definition of a primary source:A primary source is written or created by a person. For example, Thomas Paine was the author of COMMON SENSE just as James Madison was one of the authors of THE FEDERALIST PAPERS.Those are primary sources.Any commentary, reference to, biography of the author which quotes or other wise uses these primary sources is a secondary source.Think of the primary source being a straight-on view, while a secondary source relates to the primary source obliquely.

What is the primary storage device on most computers?

The primary storage device on most computers is usually* the internal hard disk drive defined as the "master" drive. If the computer has only one hard drive, this is your "master" drive. * This can be changed in the computer's BIOS and is not always true. I hope this helps, Andre

What is the primary source of fee income for small banks?

The primary source of fee income for small banks comes from overdraft fees. Most banks charge an average of $25 to $35 per overdraft.

Where does a nuclear power plant need to be?

Close to a cooling source IE the sea, hence why most are on the coast. Cooling turns the dry steam from the turbines back into water and the process restarts.

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glucose, a disaccharide would be sucrose