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Aging starter. Not neccesarily a bad starter. Since the starter is right next to the exhaust it gets hot enough for your old contact bushings on the starter motor to sieze to the motor itself keeping it from turning over. Usually after the car sits and cools it will start just fine. Instead of jumping it with a screw driver a more than gentle hit with a mallet or hammer will jar the bushings loose so the car will start. when the starters get older heat will cause them to not start when the starter motor gets warm from the engine could always change the starter and put a heat wrap around it to prevent it from happening again later on down the road

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โˆ™ 2006-04-21 21:36:59
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Q: What is the probable cause of your 1989 Camaro after a long drive try to restart it wont start had to do direct starting with a screw driver it works fine after when you turn it off and then back on?
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