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If carb. could be choke adjustment If fuel injected ??

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Mitsubishi spacewagon won't start?

No gas or the throttle box problem

Why does your Chrysler sebring convertible go full throttle when you start it?

Air leak in upper manifold, use a double gasket, problem solved! throttle cable stuck,

Why am I not getting fuel to my injectors when I have fuel all the way to the top half of the motor?

yes i have a 86 Lincoln and im having the same problem does it start if you put ether into the throttle body?Answeryes i have a 86 Lincoln and im having the same problem does it start if you put ether into the throttle body?

Why does your 1987 Astro go full throttle when the engine is started?

Your 1987 Astro might go full throttle when the engine is started because the throttle is sticking. This could also be a problem with the starter or the ignition hanging during the start.

When i try to start my Car it has hard time starting under cold start conditions.once it starts it runs like a top.whats the problem?

Depends on the car, probably has a fuel or air delivery problem. Start by cleaning the throttle and IAC motor

There is no signal being sent to the cpi on your 1993 blazer there is orange spark at the plugs engine obviously will not fire any ideas why there is no signal to the injector?

I have the same problem, if pouring fuel to the throttle body it will start and run, when hot it will not start even with fuel in throttle body.

What could be the problem if your car sputters a little when you drive it then shut it off for less than 15 minutes and start it back up?

I had the same problem with a jeep wrangler and I replaced the throttle position sensor and that solved my problem.

How do you solve this partial pressure stoichiometry problem?

Well, first you start with a problem . . .

How do you use throttle in a complex sentence?

He couldn't start the engine because the throttle was stuck.

It seems as if the takeoff on your ford 99 expedition has a slight delay what is the problem?

I had same problem with my 98. Mine was the throttle body area. What happens is the throttle body gets carboned up and makes the accellerator sticky and causes the hesitation... To fix: 1. remove the large rubber intake from throttle body. 2. start engine. 3. spray throttle body cleaner (large amount) inside butterfly area of throttle body as you rev the engine to keep it running. 4. done.

Why does your ford ranger idle go up and down upon start up?

The IAC (idle air control) at the throttle body is usually the problem.

What could be the problem with a F250 when it starts and runs but after sitting over night the vehicle will not start?

if the vehicle will start but only when the throttle is almost all the way open it could be the iac motor on the throttle body . look in a manual and you will see where it is 5 minutes to pull out and clean and the engine will run perfect

What causes a 1994 Ford Explorer not to start right after you shut it off?

it may be the throttle body sensor ya see first it blew a 30 fuse in the fuse panel under the hood then it wouldnt' start then a friend told me it was my throttle body sensor

When my car start the engine start to race and it wont stop any help?

Could be that the throttle plate (in throttle body) is stuck open. Try to "free up" by sticking a screw driver into throttle body

Why did 93 Pontiac sunbird start getting no gas when push on the throttle and now won't start?

There are many parts to a car that must be maintained. This problem can be caused by a bad fuel pump, filter, or fuel injectors.Ê

When idling there is a loud hum until you engage throttle is it a fuel injector?

It could be the fuel pump, if its when you first start the car up

Sunfire surges after starting up but runs fine after the 1st block When first running it seems to surge and then when you start to drive it it seems like it has no power then will lurch and run ok?

The first thing that i would check is the t.p.s which is the throttle position sensor, if it is sticking, or shorting out, it may cause the problem you stated.

What causes a kia van sedona to skip?

It could be a number of things, but I would start at the fuel filter and work toward the throttle body. A lack of gas is pobably the problem.

Where is the idle control valve 1999 BMW 318i m43 engine?

On the throttle valve alloy body. If you doubt it, take it off, cover both open holes on the throttle body with your fingers, get your friend to start the engine. If it idles well, the valve is the problem. Take the bosch number off it and contact bosch in your area. Try cleaning it with carb cleaner first

Can you drive a Nissan 400zx twin turbo soon as you start the motor?

u need to let the oil come up to the heads first before u start to rip throttle.

What would cause a 2000 ford focus not to start first time in mornings - you have to put foot on gas for it to start?

adjust your idle screw at your throttle body and check your cold idle stage stitch at the end of your accelerator cable at your throttle body. it may also need adjusting

Which throttle setting to start push lawn mower?


What is affected by a faulty throttle position?

it can cause the car not to start.

Choke adjustment on 1984 corvette?

there is no choke it has crossfire injection . which two throttle body injector assemblies. the problem may be a bad coolant temp sensor if start up is hard.

Will start after you let it sit for 10mimon1998 s10 2.2?

You need to determine if it is spark or fuel to blame. The next time it won't start try spraying a little starting fluid into the throttle body and see if it makes an attempt to start and run. If it does you have a fuel delivery problem. Start with changing the fuel filter first then the fuel pump relay then the fuel pump. If starting fluid makes no difference you probably have a spark problem. I would suspect the ignition module located on the lower passenger side of the engine block.