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Basic rundown: Most recent cars and trucks has several sensors (impact sensors?) that triggers the airbag system to deploy when 2 or more impact sensors are triggered

An airbag light flashing (assuming your airbags hasn't deployed) means that an impact sensor was triggered (Maybe some idiot backed up on your car and didn't think any damages was done because there wasn't any visual damages, maybe you need to talk to your son about his driving =p)

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Q: What is the problem when your air bag light flashes 6 times?
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How do you turn off an air bag light on an Explorer that flashes 3 times then 6 times then stays on when disconnecting the battery does help?

There is a problem with the SRS. Take it to a professional, for repair.

Your air bag light flashes 3 times and another 3 times on your 1993 grand marquis what does that mean?

How. Do reset airbag light on a 1993 grand marquis

Why does the airbag light flash 5 times then pause then flashes only once then repeats flashes?

That is a code for the air bag diagnostic monitor internal thermal fuse blown due to an intermittent short to the ground. Your vehicle needs to be repaired because the air bag will not go off in an accident with this problem.

Why does Airbag light flashes 3 times continuous?

You have a air bag malfinction and should have a dealer chec the fault, your air bag system is non functional when the light is flashing

The ABS dash light on your 2002 Ford Explorer flashes 3 times and then 4 times what does a code 34 mean?

If it is flashing a code, it isn't the ABS light. It is the air bag light. The ABS(Anti-lock Brake System) light doesn't flash a code. It simply illuminates when the there is a problom. The air bag light is the only one on the dash that flashes out a code. A 34 indicates a problem in the passenger's side pretensioner circuit. That could be a faulty seat belt pretensioner firing mechanism, it could be wiring or a connector, it could even be a problem in the control module itself.

Your air bag light flashes and then stays on?

When the airbag light flashes and stays illuminated in grain, means the air bags our operational. When the symbol is illuminated in red, the airbags are not operational.

How do you fix the srs light in the 2001 acura tl?

The SRS light ( Supplemental Restraint System light ) indicates that a problem has been detected with the air bags , if the light stays on or flashes . You need to take it to a professional

Your 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis air bag light flashes 5 times then 2 times while driving What does that mean?

Air bag code 52 - intermittent or repaired lost battery feed

What does it mean when the air bag light flashes seven times then four times on a 2002 ford escape?

I believe that means : Intermittent or repaired driver side air bag circuit low resistance or shorted

2002 BMW air bag y does the air bag light goes on n off?

I have the same problem. During a drive my air bag light flashes on for a bit then off again. I think its a faulty sensor... but will take it to the garage and found out for sure. will let you know

What service is needed when the air bag light flashes on a 1993 Probe?

There is a problem with the SRS. Take it to a professional and do not attempt to repair yourself. Serious injury can occur if repaired incorrectly and the air bag deploys prematurely.

Can you reset the airbag sensor on a 2000 doge stratus yourself if so how?

That air bag light is on because there is a problem with the air bag system. Until the problem is fixed the light will continue to illuminate. After the problem is fixed the light will reset itself.The air bag light is on because there is a problem with the air bag system. The light will remain on until the problem is fixed. Once the problem is fixed the light will reset itself.

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