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it could be the throttling positioning sensor

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Q: What is the problem when your car turns over is getting fuel and won't stay started when you take your foot off the accelerator?
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Why does the Engine turns over slow and wont start when warm?

soundes like your started may be going out or you have a fuel vapor lock problem.

Your 1987 jeep Cherokee started and then stopped And now you cant get to restart it turns over it is getting gas but wont start?

is your timing off? are you getting any spark at all?

What if your 94 Buick Skylark will not stay running?

Try getting the PCV pipe replaced. Mine had a problem with it conking-out at stops and on turns and that turned-out to be the problem. It could also be a vacuum leak.

Why won't my 2000 Daewoo Leganza start it is getting fuel and turns over?

well in the case its getting fuel and turns over this may be a sparkplug problem so change wires and plugs she should start after normally it goes batt,air,fuel,spark

What cause noises when you are making turns?

what is the problem when you are making turns you get a cracking noise.

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my grand am it turns off when it gets hot how can i fix problem

I have a citroen xsara Picasso and it has started to make a knocking noise from the wheel when the car turns left or right. Has anyone else had the same problem?

anti roll bar

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Your 2002 suburban turns over but will not start what can be the problem?

A 2002 Suburban that turns over but will not start is not getting fuel to the injectors, the ignition system is defective, or the spark plugs are worn out. Performing a full tune-up of the engine will solve most of these issues.

The motor on a 1998 hyundia elauntra will not start and the fuel pump will not work.What can cause this problem?

if the engine turns over and it is not getting fuel, more than likely fuel filter or fuel pump problems if the car is not getting fuel.

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