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What is the problem when your car turns over is getting fuel and won't stay started when you take your foot off the accelerator?

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it could be the throttling positioning sensor

2008-07-01 01:21:32
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Your 1987 jeep Cherokee started and then stopped And now you cant get to restart it turns over it is getting gas but wont start?

is your timing off? are you getting any spark at all?

Why does the Engine turns over slow and wont start when warm?

soundes like your started may be going out or you have a fuel vapor lock problem.

What if your 94 Buick Skylark will not stay running?

Try getting the PCV pipe replaced. Mine had a problem with it conking-out at stops and on turns and that turned-out to be the problem. It could also be a vacuum leak.

Why won't my 2000 Daewoo Leganza start it is getting fuel and turns over?

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Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1995 Buick Riviera?

I'm having trouble getting fuel to the injectors the car turns over,sometimes starts but dies within minutes, and the accelerator does nothing.I cant hear if the fuel pump motor is running and need to find the relay for it but havent found the control panel,Any answers please?? I'm having trouble getting fuel to the injectors the car turns over,sometimes starts but dies within minutes, and the accelerator does nothing.I cant hear if the fuel pump motor is running and need to find the relay for it but havent found the control panel,Any answers please??

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Your 2002 suburban turns over but will not start what can be the problem?

A 2002 Suburban that turns over but will not start is not getting fuel to the injectors, the ignition system is defective, or the spark plugs are worn out. Performing a full tune-up of the engine will solve most of these issues.

The motor on a 1998 hyundia elauntra will not start and the fuel pump will not work.What can cause this problem?

if the engine turns over and it is not getting fuel, more than likely fuel filter or fuel pump problems if the car is not getting fuel.

Mercedes Benz 1997 E320 turns over but wont start?

A 1997 Mercedes Benz E320 that turns over but won't start may not be getting enough fuel or may have no spark. Connecting the vehicle to an OBDII code reader will help diagnose the problem.

My 1999 Ford Explorer V8 turns over but won't start?

You probably need to replace the fuel pump, I had this problem before my engine would turn over but just would not start. The problem was I wasn't getting any fuel to the engine.

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You need to go through a process of elimination. Obviously the car starts. When out of gear and idling does it keep running with your foot off the gas? If it stalls you have a fuel supply problem. If you determine that you don't have a fuel supply problem and hitting the brakes is somehow turning the ignition on and off you probably have either a loose ignition wire connection that the brake assembly and wiring is somehow shorting out in conjuction with the accelerator linkage. These kind of wiring issues can be frustrating and difficult to pinpoint. There's no real easy workaround to this. You have to spend the time examing the wiring for loose connections or bare spots in the wires that can create shorts.

I hit the key in my 1986 Chevy s-10 the switch turns on you get power to the dash all lights come on but it don't crank over but you can jump it over and get it started what could be the problem?


Why does my 1993 jeep wrangler turns over fine but not getting any fuel?

If a 1993 Jeep Wrangler will turn over but does not get fuel there is a problem with the fuel pump or fuel lines. A licensed mechanic will be able to run diagnostic tests to see where the problem lies.

Why is there no spark or fuel to injectors on a 1992 s10 blazer?

I have the same problem I changed the fuel pump and the ignition coil also changed the igition module,still the same problem engine turns over but wont fire,still no spark and no fuel getting through,was wondering if theres a sensor that turns everything off?? 1991 s10 owner email

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If your 1997 Tahoe 5.7L Vortec turns overs but doesn't start It's getting fuel but no spark has new wires What could be the problem?

bad spark module(s),but likely engine control module

If your 2000 Honda Prelude turns over but does not have fire when you try to start it what could be the problem?

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