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You still have an EGR vacuum regulator, a vacuum harness, an entire wiring harness, and a computer involved in that sub-system. There could be a fauly EGR vacuum regulator(EVR), there could be problems with the vacuum lines to or from the EVR so that when the EVR opens no vacuum is getting to the EGR, there could be wiring problems between the EVP and the PCM, so that the PCM is not getting a proper signal from the EVP, there could be problems with the wiring to the EVR, so that the PCM command to open the EVR is not getting to the EVR, there could be problems with the PCM so that the PCM is gettting the signal from the EVP, but is not processing that info properly, there could be problems with the PCM so that the control output to the EVR is not working. A scan tool never tells you what is wrong with a car, because the PCM has no way of knowing exactly what is wrong. It only knows what sub-system it is not getting an expected reading from, so it can only tell you what sub-system is involved, as in the case of a code 31. Code 31 does not automatically mean that you have a bad EGR/EVP. It means that the PCM does not see an expected voltage value from the EVP when it thinks it should. That could be anything in that sub-system, which includes all the above stuff. I reccommend you should obtain a volometer, and a wiring diagram, and possibly a diagnostic flow chart.

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Q: What is the problem you relaced EGR valve solenoid and EVP sensor but still get code 31 Mercury Grand Marquis 1991?
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Raise the hatch & there are 2 tail light assemble mount screws...remove screws to remove the entire assembly. Look on the back side & remove the bulb that needs to be relaced

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