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Fill the bucket with warm water bleach and bubbly stuff. Put your mop in and squeeze out excess water. Then push it over the floor removing dirt. Try not to walk over the area you just mopped.

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Q: What is the procedure for mopping a floor?
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Can you polish hardwood floor?

I suggest mopping or buffing.

How do you remove rock salt stains from tile floor?

Use a floor neutralizer with a PH of 8. Use a mop, just like you were mopping. Do not mix it with a cleaner, though. After mopping with the neutralizer, clean the floor with a neutral cleaner.

How does a floor dry out after mopping?

By evaporation, if you don't dry it yourself

How can you save water when you are cleaning the floor?

after you use the water for mopping the floor you boil it and then you can use it again

What are the advantages of using a floor buffer over mopping?

Some advantages of using a floor buffer over mopping are that you will get a very good clean floor. It takes a little less effort to do, and you arnt just pushing dirty water around

Liquid wax for vinyl floor to polish by mopping?

Mop & Glo is a type of liquid wax for vinyl flooring that you might polish by mopping.

Why must the water for mopping the floor be hot?

so it gets all the germs up

How much water do you put into a bucket to mop a floor?

._. dappenz on how mch the area of the floor is realy i would put about a gallon if i were mopping my kitchen.

What kind of cleaner should be used when mopping a kitchen floor?

When mopping a kitchen floor, you should use a cleaner such as dish soap and a small amount of baking soda. This mixture should be strong enough to clean the dirt away but not so strong as to damage the flooring.

What to use for mopping the floor?

There are many options to use when mopping the floor. First one must either choose to use a mop with a handle or a rag on hands and knees. There are many products one can find in a store such as Walmart and Target that can assist in the liquid portion of mopping the floor. This includes bleach mixed with water, lysol, and other name brand products specific for floor cleaning like Swiffer. Other home remedies are Lipton tea, soap and water, and vinegar and dish washing detergent.

Do you still make 20oz cans of grabit floor cleaning spray for the grab it mopping system?

Can you please tell me where I can find a can of this! I have the swifter but can't seem to find and more of the floor cleaner.

About how many calories will a 150-pound person burn up mopping the floor for 10 minutes?

PCH = 51 Calories

How do you clean engineered hardwood floors?

Use broom to weep all durty then after mopping never walk on the floor during this time

How can i get up old floor wax?

One can get up old floor wax by mopping the floor with one gallon of water and one cup of vinegar. You should apply the solution to the old floor wax and allow it to set for several minutes before rinsing.

What is the most likely reason the author gives the reader information about the person mopping the floor at the airport?

It is a detail that tells the reader more about Mexican culture.

Will mopping a laminate floor with vinegar stop a dog from urinating on it?

Actually, it is ammonia that signals a dog where to mark, because ammonia is a component of urine. Vinegar will neutralize it.

What is a sentence using the word bucket?

He tripped over the bucket while mopping the floor. The old well used a rusted bucket to bring up water.

The parquet floor in your kitchen is swelling or bulging Why?

Most likely from moisture. If you are mopping the floor, steam cleaning it, or using any kind of water (even a little) it can swell the joints. It also could be from moisture in a cement slab if its on one.

Is mopped a noun or verb?

The word mopped is the past particle, past tense of the verb to mop (mops, mopping, mopped). The past participle of the verb is also an adjective.The noun form is mop and the gerund, mopping.Examples:Verb: Shanna mopped the floors yesterday.Adjective: The freshly mopped floor will be dry in a few minutes.Noun: Mopping is my least favorite chore. A new, improved mop doesn't make it better.

Is the Haan Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer good for laminate floors?

Avoid using steam on laminate floors. I have had nothing but trouble since using it on mine. The heat in the steam swells the floor - just use dry and wet mopping.

How do you clean a sticky kitchen floor?

If the floor has just become sticky, wipe up the main area of stickiness with mild soap and water. Rinse. Then, mop the entire floor. You might rinse out the mop with each go around in the sink, rather than in a bucket. Then, fill the bucket with water and 1 cup of white vinegar and do a final mopping. Your floor should be clean. If you have not mopped in quite sometime and the grunge is pretty gnarly, go rent a commercial floor cleaner and use that for your kitchen. Otherwise, use a scrub brush for the second cleaning with water that has ammonia in it--use rubber gloves. Finally, do a mopping with vinegar water.

What happens if you mop an engineered wood floor with soap and water and will it hurt the wood and why are wood ffoor cleaners better for cleaning engineered wood?

Mopping a wood floor with soap and water is deadly damage to the floor and certainly to the finish. Water should NEVER be used on wood. use a manufacturer approved floor cleaner and never mop or pour it on.

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How do you spell mopping?

That is the correct spelling of "mopping" (cleaning, or collecting spilled liquids).The spelling moping (to mope) means brooding or sulking.

What type of flooring supplies are best for mopping?

That depends on what type of floor you have. It's best to follow the manufacturer's directions for your type of floor. For example, you might need a regular white mop or a sponge mop. Your floor might even need a unique type of care.