What is the procedure to remove the drivers interior door panel in a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria?

See deatiled instrucitons and pictures here... http://www.autoclinix.com/Mercury/Front%20Speakers2.htm there are a few screws in the door skin remove all that you see, to pull the remote mirror unscrew the round ring first then lift the power door lock up. there are 2 screws that hold the switch in place to the wiring harness you may need to take off if you cant slip it thru the panel. with a butter knife or a large screw driver pull the retainers that hold the door skin to the door be sure all screws are out of the door if it wont budge look for more screws some may be inside the panel where you took off the pwr.window switch lift the door skin up and it should be easy to put back if you dont have any bad retainers when your done!:)