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What is the procedure to test the fuel pump relay on a 1988 GMC 2500 van?


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2004-12-02 10:45:19
2004-12-02 10:45:19

Get a test light then check for getting voltage. Ground the engaging terminal and see if you have voltage going ot the pump.


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the fuel pump relay is behind the battery there are two there the front one is the fuel relay

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There is a fuel pump relay switch for your 1988 GMC Safari. You can find the fuel pump relay switch at most auto-parts stores.

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On a 1988 Mazda 626, the fuel pump relay is located in the fuel tank. Always disconnect the battery before beginning work on a fuel system.

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relay is giving power to other relay pump not working

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where is the fuel pump cutoff relay located in a honda 88 prelude?

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