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When selling a car in Georgia to a private party, there is a few things you will need. You will need the title of the car, this will be used to sign over the car to the new owner so they will then have ownership of the car. You do not want to sign it over until all payment is accumulated. Once the title is signed over, the buyer has new ownership, and they wouldn't have to finish paying the balance. The second thing you would need is to a bill of sale. You can create one on your own or you can get one from the Georgia Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division that is already drafted. The bill of sale will have the information, (Full name and address) of the buyer and seller, the car details, such as condition and price. The date of sale, and any liens will also be listed on the bill of sale. Both seller and buyer will sign the bill of sale. Make a copy of the bill of sale for the buyer, they will use this to get the new registration.

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Q: What is the process for a private party selling a car in Georgia?
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