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What is the proper alignment of the crankshaft and the camshafts for changing the timing belt on a 2000 Kia Sephia?


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2005-04-10 18:07:03
2005-04-10 18:07:03

First you will need to remove the upper timing belt cover, water pump belt and pulley, ac, and charging belts. You will need to have car off the ground, and front passenger wheel removed. Remove inner wheel plastic housing, and front lower plastic cowling. Remove crank pulley and and timing belt cover plate. Remove lower timing belt cover. (By removing the bolts that clamp the small steel tubes, you can deflect the piping far enough to remove crank pulley.) Loosen the tensioner bolt, it is the small pulley in the center left and let it relax. you can now remove the belt. Facing the engine, line up the intake cam shaft pully so the I (stamped on the pulley) is in line with the small arrow on the valve cover, right above the intake cam pulley. Line the E of the exhaust cam with it's respective arrow. They will not line up directly, you will pull them into position with the new belt and tensioner setting later. Now on the crankshaft, rotate it until the small notch on the back of the pulley lines up with the arrow at the top. you can't miss it. Install the new belt and rotate engine by hand in a clockwise rotation two revolutions and verify alignment is still correct. If your belt broke while running, understand that this is an interference engine, and there is a good possibility that you did damage to valves. I would change the belt and hope for the best. Good luck.


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my first suggestion for you which i will be doing my self tommorrow on my 96 sephia is to pull up no 1 cyl,check to see your marks are lined up on the crank shaft pulley. then check your marks on the camshafts they will be lined up with either the surface of the head parelel or with a mark on the head. and personally i mark all gear/belt train with a punch mark or in this case a white paint pen before dissasembly

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two sensors camshaft and crankshaft if either of the two or both are bad this will cause the stalling.

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The first step in changing a condenser in a 2001 Kia Sephia is to disconnect the refrigerant lines and unbolting the condenser. Lift the condensers out, replace with the new one, and reconnect the refrigerant lines and bolts.

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The timing is nonadjustable. Try changing the plugs and wires. Also you may have the new belt mis-aligned by one or two teeth!! The car will run but have a rough idle. Buy a Service Manual for the alignment procedure.

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Kia Sephia was created in 1994.

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