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Spring and "bulb" assembly go TOWARD the engine block.

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Q: What is the proper direction of installation of the thermosat for a 1992 240SX?
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Is a 1995 Nissian 240SX Engine compatible to 1992 Nissian 240SX?

Is a 1995 Nissian 240SX Engine compatible to 1992 Nissian 240SX?

Will a 91-93 240sx bumper fit on an 89 240sx?

Yes, late model bumpers will fit on 89-90 240sx

Will a 1992 ka24de 240sx engine fit in a 1989 240sx?


What was the first year of the Nissan 240sx?

The Nissan 240SX was brought to America in 1989.

Will a 92 240sx motor work in 95 240sx?

Sure it will, they are the same motor.

What is the 240SX wheel offset?

15x6" +40mm for all 240sx 15" wheels.

Will a 91 240sx radiator fit in a 95 240sx?

it will fit but you need to modify the mounts.

Will tein coilovers from 1998 240sx fit on a 1996 240sx?

Yes they will, no modification needed.

Can you use a brake booster for an automatic 95 Nissan 240sx on a manual 240sx?


Does a 1989 Stanza engine KA24E work with a 1989 240sx?

Well if you look at the 240sx you will see that although the engine size is the same KA24E the engine on the 240sx is SIDEWAYS.

What Rims fit a 240sx?

240SX came with 2 different lug patterns. All 1989 to 1994 240sx came with a 4 lug 4x114.3 pattern. While the 1995-1998 240sx SE/LE's came with a 5 lug 5x114.3 pattern. Preferrably you'd want to find a wheel with less than +30 offset for 240SX's.

Where can you find a free schematic Nissan 240sx?

From the dealer or search google for 240sx FSM, there at the end of that

Will the doors on a 1996 240sx fit on a 1992 240sx?

no, they will not fit. they are 2 different body styles

Will a 1990 Nissan 240sx gas tank fit a1995 240sx?

No it will not, they are 2 different designs.

Will a 1992 240sx transmission fit a 1989 240sx motor?

Yes the two transmissions are interchangeable.

What is the Thermostatic Air Cleaner for a 240SX?

No 240sx has a thermostatic air cleaner, only an air filter

Is a Nissan 240SX a Japanese car?

Yes it is, the Nissan 240SX was assembled in Japan and brought to America in 1989.

Can a 1992 240sx transmission fit in a 1990 Nissan 240sx?

Yup, the bell housings are exactly the same.

Will a 1992 240sx transmission fit in a 1989 240sx?

Dispite the different motors the transmissions are infact the same.

Will a 240sx computer box fit in a ka24e hardbody?


How much oil 2.4 Nissan 240sx?

how many quarts of engine oil does 89 240sx takes

What weighes more 1990 Nissan 240sx hatchback or 1990 Nissan 240sx coupe?

From reviews I found on from when the 240sx first came out: the coupe weighs 2,657 and the hatch weighs 2,684.

Fuel pump fuse blowing in my 89 240sx?

I have a 91 240SX and had a similar issue, my Fuel Pump had to be replaced.

Will the passenger window from a 1991 Nissan 240sx fit into your 1995 Nissan 240sx?

Nope, different body styles

Model of an engine in a 1993 240sx?

engine model of the 1993 Nissan 240sx is the ka24de in the USA. in japan it is the sr20det.