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What is the purpose of a PCV valve on the 93 Acura Legend?


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A PCV valve is for positive crankcase ventilation. It is to keep crankcase pressure from building up in the engine. If it does it can cause seal leakage, air filter contamination and engine blowby.

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located in the top of the drivers side valve cover between the front and mibble coil.

It's on the front valve cover. The trick is you have to first remove the "breather chamber" by removing the 2 bolts on top. With the breather chamber cover off, you'll see the PCV valve screwed into the valve cover.

on the backside of the intake

It is located on the top of the valve cover towards the rear of the engine.

The PCV valve on the 2001 Acura TL is located on the top of the rear valve cover. It's easy to replace - simply pull it out by hand and remove the attached hose. You have to remove the black plastic cover on top of the engine to access it.

A PVC Valve shuts off water A pcv valve is for positive crankcase ventilation in an engine

Pull upward on the hose that the PCV valve is in. The PCV valve will pull out of the hose. The PCV valve is located in the valve cover.

Disconnect the PCV valve tube from the PCV valve.Disconnect the PCV valve electrical connector if it has one.Turn the PCV valve counterclockwise to remove from the valve cover.To install, reverse the removal procedure.

Remove the PCV valve retaining screws. Remove the PCV valve hose. Reverse the process to install the new PCV valve.

The PCV valve has a check ball in it, That's what you are hearing. REPLACE PCV VALVE

The pcv valve is on the passenger side valve cover

The PCV valve is located in the valve cover

The PCV valve on q 2007 Torrent is made into the valve cover. It is not removable, the valve cover and PCV valve must be replaced together.

4 cylinder does not have pcv valve.

There is no PCV valve on the 2.2 Liter engine.

does the 2006 silverado have a pcv valve

All engines have a PCV valve.

Where is pcv valve on 1998 daewoo leganza

The PCV valve is found in the valve cover on the passenger side.

the pcv valve is located on top of the valve cover

PCV valve is located under the wiper blade assembly and cowling on top of the back valve cover. Raise the hood of the vehicle. Locate the PCV valve on the top center of the valve cover. Pull the hose off the top of the PCV valve. Pull the valve straight out of the valve cover. Insert the new PCV valve straight into the valve cover. Push the rubber hose onto the top of the new PCV valve until it stops.

The front top valve cover has 2 pieces (main cover and pcv cover). The PCV is located under the small cover (has a 6 inch hose attached to it) on top of the front valve cover . If you look at the front valve cover, you'll see four (4) bolts. The two outer bolts fasten the valve cover to the cylinder head. The two inner bolts hold the PCV cover to the valve cover. To gain access to the PCV valve, you remove the two inner bolts and remove the PCV cover, leaving the valve cover fastened to the cylinder head. It might take some "persuasion" to get the cover off. Once you have the PCV valve cover off the valve cover, there will be a large square seal (looks like a big o-ring) that seals the perimeter of the PCV cover. There will also be two o-rings that seal the PCV cover bolt bosses to the valve cover. The PCV valve is located on the right side of the opening. You can't miss. Just unscrew it and spray some WD40 on it and work it around. Pick up another PCV cover o-ring and the two o-rings located underneath the cover bolts (3 seals total) at the dealer or parts store. They're probably hard as stones by now.

The PCV valve on a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville is located on the back of the in take manifold, however to get to the PCV valve you will need to remove the valve cover.

# The PCV valve is located in the valve cover # Detach the hose from the valve then unscrew the valve from the valve cover

No PCV valve on this engine. Has "PCV system". Hose from valve cover to throttle body. Nothing to replace.

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