Citizenship and Marriage

What is the quickest way to bring your fiance to the US?

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What is the best way to bring fiance to live in US cos she failed interview 2times?

The best way to bring fiance to live in US after failing interview is to go and marry her in home country so that she can qualify for visa as a spouse. However, this depends on your immigration status.

How long does it take to bring your wife to us if you are a us citizen?

how long does it normally take to bring your fiance to the U.S. to get married.

What is the total cost to bring your fiance to the US?

As a US citizen you can apply for fiance(e)'s K-1 visa by filing Form I-129F. The filing fee is $340.

How long does it normally take to bring your fiance to the US to get married?

usually about 3 to 7 weeks depending on what country he lives in

Does your fiance have to have a fiance visa to visit and get married in the US?

Yes provided your fiance has no other visa and not already in US. For marriage purpose, its important for your fiance to enter US with a fiance visa and also to get married within 90 days after entering US else she would have to return to home country.

What is the price for bringing a fiance into the us?

USCIS Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiance must be filed for fiance visa. Filing fee for a fiance visa is $340.

How do you get married in Florida if fiance not a US citizen?

you get married the same way U.S. citizens do except beforehand you have to get a judge to marry you and then you sign alot of legal papers and after you're married your fiance will be a U.S. citizen

How can you marry your Jamaica national boyfriend in Jamaica you are a us citizen?

Just as you would in the US: register, show ID and get married at the "town hall", no blood testing required. I did it this way, but I can't remember the name of the ministry I called "town hall". If you want your boyfiend to get green card easily, then get married in US, and fill out grren card paperwork ahead of time. "Fiance" greencard goes through quickest.

How do you get a boyfriend to the US from the Philippines?

Currently an American citizen is not able to obtain a fiance visa for a same-sex fiance.

I have a real relationship with my fiance but i failed intverview to live in US 2 times and i dont how to pass it i dont one to live far from him can u help me?

The best way is to get married to your fiance in the US or country of origin. This qualifies you for the K Nonimmigrant visa with which you can then apply for permanent residence.

Can i bring my fiance to the us to marry him?

Nope...Try a tourist visa have them come over and head to Vegas.. then apply for citizenship (green card) for them.... In any case talk to a lawyer...

What is the difference between a fiance visa and a normal visa?

A fiance visa has a shorter processing time compared to marriage-based immigration visas. This is specific to the US. Canada does not have a fiance visa

How does an American citizen living in Mexico bring her Mexican fiance to the US only to visit not to live?

You should contact the American embassy in Mexico for legal advise:

If your fiance came through Canada from Costa Rica to the US and now he is living in Costa Rica can you get married there and bring him to the US as your husband?

First you need to tell us what is his nationality because the laws are different for each country's citizens. If he is Costa Rican, then yes you can do it.

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What is the best way to marry a Mexican who was denied a tourist visa in Mexico or the US and then live together in the US?

File for a fiance(e) visa for the person and marry her/him once s/he gets the visa and comes to the US. After marrying, file for adjustment of status. And once he/she enters the USA with the fiance/ee visa, you have to marry him/her within 90 days.

Can you still marry your fiance if she not a legal citizen of the US?

yes you can

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Can you marry a US citizen without a fiance visa?

If you get married in a country other than the US.

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Can you enter to US with fiance visa but marry with someone else?


Will your fiance be required to return to el salvador for us to get married he has a valid work permit?

You should be able to get married in the US, for under a work permit the fiance is legal and has many privileges that a resident or citizen has

What is question for fianc at US embassy?

When are you planning to marry your fiance is one of the question that you will be asked at the US embassy.

What should you do if you want to marry a non-US citizen?

This is not a complex issue. If the person who is marrying a non-US citizen is already a US citizen or a green card holder, there will be no problem marrying the non- US citizen. If the non-US citizen is residing outside the US, the US citizen should sponsor a K1 visa to bring the fiance to the US. After immigrating to the US, the USC should marry the fiance within 90 days of entering the US. Failing to do so will lead to the termination of the immigration status of the fiancee and they will be sent back to their country. After marriage,the fiancee should adjust their status to that of a permanent resident.

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