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What is the recommended size tire for a 89 Chevy G20 van?

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Factory Installed Tire Size is P225/75R15. Optional Tire Size is P235/75R15 which will give you a greater selection of tires.

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What is recommended size tire for 1990 Chevy G20 van?

I have a 1991 and my tire size is 225/75/R15.

What is the tire size of a 95 Chevy G20 van?

Normal tire size is P235/75R15

What is the recommended tire size for 1994 G20 van?


What is recommended tire size for 1993 Chevy gladiator g20 conversion van?

Open the drivers door and look at the door jam and you will see a sticker that will have it written on it.

What is standard tire size for 1994 Infiniti G20?

P195/60R14 85H is the original tire size

What is the tire size of a 1995 G20?


What is the right tire pressure for a 1994 Chevy G20 van?

35 p.S.i.

What was original tire size for 1987 Chevy G20 van?

It should be listed on the drivers door post. In case the sticker is missing the OEM size is 225/75-15

What is the right air pressure in a tire for 1994 Chevy G20 van?

35 p.S.i.

What size are the front speakers on a 1995 Chevy G20 van?


Where is the abs sensor in a 1994 Chevy g20 conversion van?

There'll be one at each drive tire.

How long is a G20 Chevy van?

The G20 has two wheel base size the shorty 110" and the Long wheel base 125"/130"?

Can you take interior from a 1993 Chevy g20 and put in a 1986 Chevy g20?

yes you can.

What size transmission is in a 1995 astro cargo van?

what size of transmission goes on chevy g20 cargo van 1995

How do you install a muffler has a A and B on the ends for a 1990 Chevy full size g20?

a side goes to engine

What is different about Chevy G20 vs Chevy G30?

G20 is a 3/4 ton and a G30 IS A 1 TON

Will the drivers side rear door from a 1991 Chevy G20 van fit on a 1994 Chevy G20 van?


Where can you find a 1995 Chevy G20 van fuse box diagram?

fuse box chevy g20 van

Where is the fuse for headlight infiniti g20?

fuses for a 94 chevy g20

What is the curb weight of a 91 Chevy G20 van 34 ton?

curb weight on an 88 g20 chevy cargo van

What is the gas tank size 1992 Chevrolet G20 Van?

standard was 22 but Chevy had an optional 33 gallon tank

How many cylinders does 1990 Chevy G20 have?

The 1990 Chevy G20 has a 5.7L Small block 350 v8. So It has 8 cylinders :)

Show you how to replace a heater core in 92 Chevy G20 van?

help me preplace heater core in 92 Chevy van g20

What does the g20 stand for IN THE Chevy G20 VAN?

Chevy uses letters for models example G= full size van, C= full size 2wd pickup, K= full size 4x4 pick up. They use numbers for capacity 20 stands for 3/4 ton, 10= 1/2 ton, 30= 1 ton van.

What is gas mileage for 1994 Chevy full size van?

I get around 17 mpg with my g20 with the 350 motor \3.42 rearend

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