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What is the religion of kazakhstan?

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Although there is no official religion within Kazakhstan, Islam is the biggest religion followed by Russian Orthodox (Christian). Around 70% of the population is Muslim, and, to be more specific, most Kazaks are Sunni Muslim.

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Islam is the most commonly practiced religion in Kazakhstan.

Islam is the main religion in Kazakhstan with 47 % percent of the population identifying with it. Christian is the second main religion.

Yes, Kazakhstan has freedom of religion. Just over half of the country is Muslim while 1/3 is Christian. About 3% are Atheist, 1% are Jewish, and the rest are unaffiliated.

The major religion practiced in Kazakhstan is Islam. Although there are variants of Islam believers. Amongst the popular ones are the Sunni Muslims and the Ahmadi Muslims

Islam is one kind everywhere and also in Kazakhstan. There are different Islam schools as Sunnis and and Shiites but all are Muslims and belonging to same kind of Islam. Majority of Muslims in Kazakhstan follow the Sunni school.

they follow five countries they are kazakhstan, uzbekistan, turkmenistan,kyrgyzstan, taijkistan

No, Spanish is not spoken in Kazakhstan. For the languages of Kazakhstan, click here.

what is the structure of kazakhstan

No. Kazakhstan is in Central Asia.

No Kazakhstan is in Central Asia.

Kazakhstan was created in 1465.

The population of Kazakhstan is 15,674,833. According to 2010 estimate the population of Kazakhstan is 16,196,800.

The largest Muslim-majority state in the world by area is KAZAKHSTAN. However, Kazakhstan is an officially secular country. Algeria is the second-largest Muslim-majority state in the world and is the largest country where Islam is the official religion. (Chapter I, Article 2 of the Algerian Constitution specifies that Islam is the official religion of the state.)

Russia borders Kazakhstan to the north and west. Uzbekistan borders Kazakhstan to the east and south. Kyrgyzstan borders Kazakhstan to the south. China borders Kazakhstan to the east.

Kazakhstan has a Traditional economy

Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia.

· Qostanay, Kazakhstan

There are no known volcanoes in Kazakhstan.

It is exactly the same . Kazakhstan

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is north of Pakistan.

There are a few mountain ranges in Kazakhstan. The highest is the Tian Shan range, in the southeast of Kazakhstan, and another significant range is the Altai range in northeast Kazakhstan.

Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan.

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