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What is the result of two objects with disimilar electrical charges touching?


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An electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs, to balance out the dissimilar electrical charges between the objects.

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Electrical force is directly proportional to the product of the charges on the two objects.

This process is called induction by an electrical field.

Either an attractive or repelling electrical force. It depends on what the charges of the objects are.

Electricity passes between them until the dissimilar charges become equal

Coulomb's law describes the magnitude and direction of the electrical force. It depends on the magnitude of the charges, the distance between them and the material the charges are in.

Force between two charged bodies depends on the amount of charges and the distance between the charges. Also it depends on the medium in which the charges are kept. also the answer is 5.0

If there is a single property of physical objects upon which both electrical and gravitational forces depend it is the property of mass. Without mass, there is no gravity. Likewise, without mass, the are no sources for electrical fields or apparatus for separating and transmitting charges.

Objects comprise of charges.Opposite charges attract each other.

like charges repel or unlike charges repel or like charges attract and neutral objects are always attracted to charged objects by induction.

Radiation is the transfer of heat by two objects touching...that should be correct...answer 2 Sorry, that is wrong. two objects touching is conduction.

-- Size of the charges on two objects. -- Sign of the charges on the two objects. -- Distance between the two charged objects.

In general, electric charges can be positive, negative, or neutral. How strong the charges might be and how they are measured depends on what kind of objects you are talking about.

they attract each other. Objects with like charges repel each other

1.Avoid stepping on nails 2.Avoid touching electrical objects 3.Avoid playing with sharp objects 4.Avoid playing with fire 5.Avoid running on slippery water

their charges are the same because if the charges are different then they attract and if they are the same they repel.

As described by Coulomb's Law, like charges repel, and opposite charges attract. Charged objects will attract or repel other charged objects accordingly.

When unlike charges are brought together they attract eachother.

Yes. However, depending on the size and shape of the objects, the amount of current that flows may be small and/or flow for only a brief time until the charges are neutralized. But - if the objects are connected to an electrical power source such as a battery or a wall plug, the charges are continuously supplied and the current continues to flow.

Two objects that both have a net positive electrical charge, or that both have a net negative charge, will push each other away.

Yes they are fu#% face, just like how my dick is touching you!

No. Gravity is a force that does not require the two objects to touch.

Objects that push are said to repel, objects that pull are said to attract.

the objects will attract with each other

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