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The Eagle is the best ride in the park.

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Q: What is the scariest ride at Six Flags?
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What are the scariest rides at Six Flags Over Texas?

the Superman ride

Which ride is scariest in Six Flags America Great Adventure?

I think that batman , superman are two scariest rides in six flags America great adventure only in Maryland , Washington Six Flags . Not any other . Their are many of them in other six flags . YOU VERY WELCOME FOR THAT ANSWER . But if you don't scared of the roller coasters like me than six flags may be easy with you .

Which is the scariest ride on Six Flags?

I'd say home of the scariest roller coasters are at Six Flags Great Adventure. From the scariest to the least scariest: Kingda Ka-Thriller Bizarro Great American Scream Machine El Toro Nitro Superman Dark Knight Skull Mountain- Not much a thriller

What is the scariest ride in Six Flags New Jersey?

Depends on opinion, but most would probable think Kingda Ka.

How many loops in X2?

There are 2 inversions on X2. Keep in mind that X2 is the scariest ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

What is the least thrilling ride at Six Flags?

at six flags discovery kingdom it is the ark

What is the scariest roller coaster at Six Flags Great America?

Kingda Ka by far!!

How tall is the Superman ride at Six Flags?

the superman at six flags is 300` or 30 stories

What ride is the biggest at Six Flags?

Probably KingDa-Ka is consider the tallest ride they have.

Does the superman ride in buffalo at six flags go upside down?

It is no longer called Six Flags, but no the name-changed "ride of steel" does not.

What is the Six Flags in Arlington's tallest ride?

The Superman ride is the tallest.

How can you get to Six Flags if you have no ride?

by bus or rapid transit.

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