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What is the significance of the Battle of the Bulge?



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The battle of the Bulge was Germany's Last offence and Hitlers final gamble. The battle of the Bulge was fought on the Western Front between the US Army and the Nazi German Armies. The battle laster from 16 December 1944 and ended on 25 January 1945.

Germany's aim of the battle of the Bulge was to push back the advancing allied forces and try to hold them back, Germany wanted to do this since the allied forces was successful on D-Day aka Normandy Landings. By this happening Germany would of siege the United Kingdom and ended the war on the Western Front and could of continued with the defence on the eastern front.

The battle of the bulge was an fierced battle between Tank and Infantry vs Tank and infantry. The size of the battle was fought in the Ardennes, Belgium, Luxembburg and Germany. The allies intial encounters were with 4 infantry and 1 armed division which has: 83,000 infantry, 250 Sherman tanks, 200 AFV, 400 Artillery Guns. They did have reinforcements of;683,000 infantry, 1,200 tanks, 4,200 Artillery guns, 6,000 Aircraft. Wherereas, Once the allies encountered with the Germans, Germany had; 200,000 infantry, 500 Tanks, 1,600 artillery guns, 1,000 rocket launchers. This was with 8 infantry and 5 armed divisions. After the allied had reinforcements germany had reinforcements of; 150,000 infantry, 500 tanks, 500 AFVs.