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It is found primarily in chromite, a combination of iron, chromium, and oxygen.


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Chromium ore is a source of the metal Chromium.

Chromium OS is free and open source! That does not mean, however, that Chromebooks are free.

Some chromium compounds: chromium bromides, chromium chlorides, chromium fluorides, chromium iodides, potassium dichromate, sodium chromate, chromium oxide, chromium sulfide, etc.

Chromium fluorides are: Chromium difluoride: CrF2 Chromium trifluoride: CrF3 Chromium tetrafluoride: CrF4 Chromium pentafluoride: CrF5 Chromium hexafluoride: CrF6

Chromium oxide may refer to:Chromium(II) oxide, CrOChromium(III) oxide, Cr2O3Chromium dioxide (chromium(IV) oxide), CrO2Chromium trioxide (chromium(VI) oxide), CrO3

Chromium is a 3d element. chromium is a metal.

Chromium Chromium Chromium

Chromium is a 3d element. chromium is a metal.

Cr2+ is a divalent cation of chromium; ex.: chromium in chromium diiodide, CrI2.

Not necessarily. Google Chrome is based in an open source project called Chromium. Because of that, the code is pretty much open source. But that doesn't mean that Chrome itself is open source.

Chromium is a 3d element. chromium is not ferrous.

Chromium is a 3d element. chromium is a metal.

Chromium is just that - chromium. It is a metallic element.

Chromium is a supplement that has been shown to lower hemoglobin A1C levels in people who have Type 2 diabetes. The difference between chromium picolinate and chromium polynicotinate is that chromium picolinate is made of chromium and picolinic acid whereas chromium polynicotinate is made of chromium and niacin.

Three chromium bromides are known: * chromium dibromide, CrBr2 * chromium tribromide, CrBr3 * chromium tetrabromide, CrBr4

It is Chromium III (3)

The Latin name of Chromium is Chromium itself.

Chromium is a member of the periodic table. It is an element. A lump of chromium is made up of atoms of chromium.

Chromium triiodide contain 12,005 09 % chromium.

no, chromium is a metal.

No. chromium is a metal

Chromium is not explosive.

Chromium is not flammable.

It is a valence of chromium. The hexavalent chromium is present in anions as CrO42- and Cr2O72-.

Chromium is a 3d element. we use chromium for make stainless steel.

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