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Owners manual, under the hood on a placard, or any parts store can provide this info. It will also depend on your ignition system, .035"

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Q: What is the spark plug gap for a small block Chevy 350 crate motor?
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What size is Chevy crate engine 10066086?

That is a 350 small block made in Mexico.

Is a 400 small block a Chevy motor?


What is a 6.0 Chevy consider to be. Is it a big block or small block?

A small block. It is the first motor squared, by Chevy, meaning it has a 4 inch bore, and 4 inch stroke.

Are the motor mounts the same for a big block and small block Chevy in 1970?

NO. Not even close.

How strong is the 400 Chevy small block?

The 400 Chevy small block motor should have approximately 390 horse power. It should have 427 foot pounds of torque.

Motor locked up from water how do you get unlocked it is a 1993 dodge Dakota sport with a 318 small block in it?

Motor is trashed buy a crate or rebuilt motor they come with warrenty

Can you fit a big block 350 to your old transmission that had a short block 350 on it?

this is a mess of a question and the answer is NO. why? because there was never a big block 350 made by Chevrolet and as far as a short block 350 on the transmission? who cares rather the motor had heads or not (i.e. short block= crate motor sold without heads). if you asked me if a big block Chevy will bolt up to a transmission that came in a vehicle with a small block i would say yes.

Changing from a 350 small block to a big block 454 in a 1978 Chevy 4x4 would you need to change the motor mounts?


Is a Chevy 6.0 a small block or big block?

It is a small block

Can a Chevy small block 350 have 2 oil dipsticks?

Sure. There were some crate motors that came that way to suit newer and older applications.

What later model performance engines will replace the 305 in a 1995 Chevy Caprice Classic?

350 Crate Motor. Many choices in manufactures. Google with the term "350 Chevy Crate Motor".any Chevy v8 will fit. small block crate motor best bet. i like the zz4s.AnswerThere is a variety of GM Performance Parts High Output 350 and 383 engines that would easily replace a 305 with no engine bay or wiring modifications. Check out any GM warehousing distributor such as Summit Racing Equipment, Scoggin-Dickey Performance Center, Apple Chevrolet and others.

Is the timing chain timing in a 4.3 the same as any small block Chevy?

Everything is different in that motor.

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