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try checking fluid level

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Q: What is the squeaking noise your steering wheel makes when you turn it to the left?
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Squeaking noise when turning steering wheel of Renault clio?

cos its a renault

Your steering wheel makes a squeaking what could it be?

You may need power steering fluid

What would cause a squeaking noise that changes from side to side when turning steering wheel?

ummm power steering

What causes squeaking on 2006 Pontiac Torrent?

squeaking noise coming from sleeve covered arm coming from steering column to the wheel

What cause squeaking noise front end when riding and turning steering wheel?

ball joints or tie rods

What would cause car to make a high squeaking noise whenever you have the wheel turned slightly but only at speeds slower then 40mph?

It is most likely due to a loose power steering belt. If the steering wheel is hard to turn at speeds slower than 40mph or it gets harder the more you turn it and the squeaking noise happens when you turn the wheel, then you need to check the tension on the power steering belt.

My 1992 Honda Civic has a horrible squeaky noise when i tirn the steering wheel and other front end squeaks as well The weather where I live is bitter cold that's when it starting squeaking?

If your Honda Civic is squeaking when you turn the steering wheel then it could be the belt to the power steering pump that needs replacing.

On a 2001 Toyota Avalon How can you stop a squeaking noise while turning steering wheel?

The most common cause for a squeaking noise when turning the steering wheel on any vehicle, including a 2001 Toyota Avalon, is the belt that runs the power steering pump. If the belt is fairly new, a small drop of any dish soap on the belt while the car is running will clear up the noise. If the belt is worn, it needs to be replaced.

What squeaking noise in front end when turning wheel?

could be the power steering belt, axle going bad. power steering pump it self could also be bad.

Your Hyundai makes a squeaking noise when you turn the wheel?

Can be defective wheel bearing, or worn brake pads. You might also want to check the power steering fluid level. Low PS fluid level will cause the pump to squeal.

When turning steering wheel car makes a groaning noise?

mine needed power steering fluid

What could cause Front end of car making sqeaking noise when turning steering wheel either direction?

A bad bearing can cause can the front end of car to make a squeaking noise when turning steering wheel either direction. It can also be caused by bad suspension.

What could make the steering wheel of my Honda Accord 91 make a squeaking noise and become very tight and hard to turn?

it sounds to be as if your power steering pump is out or low on fluid.

What makes a grinding noise when turning the steering wheel?

A defective CV joint will make a grinding noise when you turn the steering will. A bad strut can also cause a grinding noise.

Why does your power steering make a noise when you turn sharp?

Could be your steering fluid is low? My 1982 GMC pickup truck makes a noise when my steering wheel fluid gets low.

What would cause a high-pitched squeaking noise when you turn the wheel to the left in a brand new car with only 8600 miles?

Power steering belt.

What can cause a squeaking in your front end when turning the wheel?

Most likely it is low power steering fluid. Check fluid and see if noise goes away.

Your 2000 Pontiac grand am makes a noise when making a sharp left hand turn?

It could be low on power steering fluid. That is a common problem. It makes a sharp whining noise when you turn the steering wheel.

If the steering wheel causes the front wheels to make noise?

the steering wheel wont make the front wheels make noise as there is no generating source from the steering wheel. it will be the other way around.

Noise when I turn the steering wheel on left?

If a car makes noise when turning the tie rod can be worn. Tie rods allow a vehicle to turn, when they fail the steering wheel will knock and rattle making all kinds of noises.

Getting a squeaking noise in 1998 Honda CRV when steering wheel is turned to left?

It may be a sign that one of your constant velocity (CV) Joints needs lubrication or is failing.

Why would a Ford Mustang steering wheel make noise when you turn the wheel?

Check the fluid in the power steering. If it is low the car will make noise when you turn the wheel.

What causes squeaking when turning the steering wheel of your 96 buick regal custom?

you need power steering fluid.

What is the cause of a 99 Cavalier that makes a loud grinding-squeaking like noise when the wheel is turned to the right yet stops the moment the steering wheel is centered or to the left?

Without seeing it , I will tell you that most of the time wheel noise that happens when you turn the wheel is due to a CV axle that is failing. Test is this way: go into a large vacant parking lot and turn the wheels to the right and go in reverse; is the noise worse? It may be if the joint is bad.Usually a wheel bearing will make a low growling noise; but you called it a squealing noise. I hope this helps a little.

Grinding noise from front wheel also clunking noise when turning steering wheel of Renault laguna 2002?

soounds like steering wheel fluid needs to up