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Usually 4-6" higher than the flood level rim of the tub

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What is standard height of wall faucet?

If you are talking about tub faucet -- if the tub is 15 in. high then about 28 in. to center of faucet -- if shower then about 48 in. from floor to center of faucet.

Height of tub faucet?

The height of a tub faucet should be about 40 inches, give or take a couple of inches, depending upon the height of each member of the family. The spout should be placed 4 inches over the top edge of the tub.

Shower faucet height?

I usually fit them about 6" above the tub.

What is the proper height for bathtub faucet?

If not directly on the tub rim, mount it 6" above top edge of tub.

Standard height of a bath tub?

15-16 inches.

What is the standard bath tub height?

Another poster indicated 14 inches as the standard.

What is the standard height for a shower faucet valve in a handicap shower?

Standard height for ADA (handicap) is 42 " center of valve to shower floor.

Is it possible to go from a three handle tub shower faucet to a two handle tub shower faucet?


Can you use a tub and shower faucet for a tub with no shower?


What does a tub faucet do normally?

A tub faucet acts as a shower and can be used to bath in the bath tub. It is a pressure valve which makes the flow of water through it constant and gives a nice shower.

What is the standard height for a tub faucet valve?

When installing a bathtub faucet or tub & shower divertor valve, the bathtub spout must terminate above the flood level rim of the bathtub a minimum of 2"inches.This would place the stub out for the spout approximately 6"inches above the rim of the bathtub.Now just install the faucet or divertor high enough so the trim plate will not contact the spout.12 to 15"inches above the spout should be fine.

Which side would you put the drain on a tub with the faucet or on the opposite side?

Faucet side.

What is the rough in height for a mop sink faucet?

height of a mop sink faucet

How do you install a small faucet in stationary tub?

Step 1: break tub.Step 2: install small faucetStep 3: buy new tub that is not stationary this time.Idiot.

What is the standard height for a bathtub faucet valve?

About 26 inches above the floor if it's only a bath faucet. 30 inches if it is a shower control too.

What is the standard height for a shower tub regulator valve?

32" off the bathroom floor

What is a wall mount bathtub faucet?

Most of them are in the wall. The other would be a deck mount, which is mounted to the fiberglass tub deck and uses a Roman Tub Faucet.

Is the water flow the same on a sink faucet and a bath tub faucet?

It depends on the make of the faucets.

Why does water run out of the tub faucet when the shower is on?

The tub spout diverter washer has had the biscuit, replace it.

What is the standard height for a shower fauce?

Usually 48" off bottom of shower floor to center of shower faucet.

Does a roman tub faucet have good water pressure?

A Roman tub faucet does have good water pressure because it is made to do that. How good this is depends on how other brands perform in this area.

Bathtub Faucet?

form_title= Bathtub Faucet form_header= Add a beautiful faucet to your tub. What is the square footage of your bathtub?*= _ [50] What color do you want the faucet?*= _ [50] Do you need to remove an old faucet?*= () Yes () No

How do you remove a tub faucet when it is surrounded by tile?

By un surrounding it

How do you get a broken tub faucet cartridge out of the pipe it goes into?

It may be easier and cheaper to buy a whole new faucet.

Why is the water from your tub faucet hotter than from your kitchen faucet?

Maybe the kitchen is further away and on smaller pipe.