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What is the state law on where and how you can place your license plate on your motorcycle?

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2011-04-13 22:00:02
2011-04-13 22:00:02

Just as on a car, a motorcycle tag has to be placed in the rear on the spot reserved for it. If there's no place for the tag, it's not a street-legal bike.

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To improve on this answer. On a motorcycle, they have after market side plate mounts and vertical mounts. Depending on what state (refer to your State Manual) you are in, maybe be legal/illegal. On my motorcyle, i have a after market vertical side plate mount, which is legal in the state of CT. Some other states, prohibit any vertical license plates.

Call the DMV or State Police in your state for more information about motorcycles or find it on line.

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Not in the state I live in. My drivers license and motorcycle license are the same. It is just listed on the back of my auto drivers license, Motorcycle. Now if you are talking about the license plate then yes, you need one for each vehicle.

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Yes, anything over 50cc you need a motorcycle endorsement or license to operate a motorcycle in the state. Anything under 50cc you have to have a valid drivers license or motorcycle license to operate in the state.

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Not in the state I live in, probably not legally in your state either. A drivers license and a motorcycle license are 2 different licenses. You will only carry one drivers license with you but it will have the motorcycle operator endorsement on it.

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No. Get your license. Once you have your motorcycle license you can ride your motorcycle in any state in the union with a license from any other state. Do not try to do it on a learner's permit.

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