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Call a LOCAL attorney for state specific advice. Check at your local courthouse for the judgments records.

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Q: What is the statute of limitations on getting a judgment against you for a car repossession and how can you find out if it has already been done?
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What is the statute of limitations on a judgment in Colorado?

If there is a judgment you have already lost in court. There is no statute of limitations.

If you move to Massachusetts can your wages still be garnished for a repossession in Oklahoma?

Yes, but the creditor would have to sue in the debtor's state court in the county where the debtor resides and if awarded a judgment execute the writ under the laws of Massachusetts not Oklahoma. If the judgment creditor already holds a writ of judgment in Oklahoma they can file it as an abstract judgment against the debtor's real property without the necessity of court procedure.

If you already have a judgment against some one how do you go about freezing their accounts?

garnish their bank account or their wages

If a credit card is past the statute of limitations can one still be garnished there are 3 credit reports it doesn't appear on 2 and the other 1 states satisfactory account?

Not if you go to court! They cannot garnish your wages without going to court to get a judgment. If you fail to show up in court and simply tell the court that the debt is outside the statute of limitations, then you may have a judgment against you. And yes they can garnish your wages if a judgment has already been awarded. So go to court if it goes that far and immediately ask that the case be dismissed based on the statute.

How do i protect my judgment against someone in bankruptcy?

If the judgment debtor is already in bankruptcy, there is nothing you can do. If the judgment is for a debt for which discharge is not allowed, it survives the bankruptcy. If no bankruptcy has been filed, you can try to attach or levy on some property of the debtor that has some value, or equity.

When and what is the final judgment and did it already pass?

When and what is the Final Judgement and did it already pass?

Can you file a judgment against a person without a lawyer?

Yes, it is called Pro Se, you can file a civil complaint against someone and the judge will determine whether a judgment in your favor will be granted, it is up to you and not the court to enforce the judgment.

What is the statute of limitations for a ticket in Illinois?

You've already been charged with the crime. There is no statute of limitations.

If vehicle is in repossession phase and you are pulled over will you go to jail for auto theft?

No. Not if the circumstances are as simple as stated. Repossession is a civil law procedure, not involving criminal law -UNLESS- the vehicle HAD already been re-possessed and you went and took it back from the repossession impound lot, or the repossession agent or the bank. If it had already been taken and impounded then, yes, you could be charged with auto theft.

Can your checking account in Texas be garnished due to a debt in another State?

The creditor would need to obtain a lawsuit judgment from the Texas court before wage garnishment would be allowed. Texas only allows garnishment of wages when there are no other means for a judgment creditor to collect a debt owed. If a judgment has already been entered against the debtor in a different state, the judgment creditor can place a "foreign" judgment lien against property owned by the debtor.

Is wage garnishment for a defaulted student loan considered an outstanding judgment?

In the US, a student loan collection company that is garnishing your wages will already have a court judgment against you. You can get out of the judgment and garnishment by consolidating your loans. Click the link at the bottom of this text box to get help with the consolidation of your loans.

What do you do when a judgment is served on you?

You either pay or appeal. If there is really a judgment then you have already lost the court case.

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