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The statute of limitations in Ohio for fraud is four years. However, people can still sue you through civil court if they know you took their identity.


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There is a five year statue of limitations on Federal identity theft if the theft did not result in the death of a person. If a death resulted from the crime, then there is no statute of limitations.

which state has the highest identity theft

Identity theft is typically treated as a felony. In New Jersey that would have a limit of five years.

Nevada has put a statute of limitations in place to help those who have been victims of identity theft.The statue of limitations is four years after the person discovered that their identity was stolen.

Identity theft is a Class A felony under FEDERAL LAW. There is no statute because it is considered a capital crime.

In the state of California it's 3 years to charge a felony case if it takes the D.A. longer it's dismissed.Idenity theft is a felony.

What is the statue of limitations on theft charges in the state of Louisiana

According to the DA in Gordon COunty, the statues of limitations is 2 years but according to the state laws, it is four years but getting a DA to prosecute is next to impossible.

The statue of limitations for a felony theft in Pennsylvania is five years. The statue of limitations for robbery in this state is also 5 years.

The statute of limitations is the set amount of time an individual or state can press charges. In a civil case the statute of limitations for theft varies from 2-3 years depending on the circumstances.

It will depend on what the specific charges are. Arizona has set felonies at 7 years. Misdemeanors will be set at 1 year and petty offenses at 6 months. It is tolled if the identity is not known or they are absent from the state.

Statute of limitations for theft in Arizona is 1 year for misdemeanor theft, and 7 years for felony theft. There is no statute of limitations on theft from public office.

Identity theft is a major problem but there are much bigger problems in the world than identity theft.

Congress declared identity theft a federal crime in 1998 when it passed the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act

Identity theft is not a law. States have updated larceny laws over recent years to prevent identity theft.

No, it is 2 words: 1) identity; 2) theft.

How can you guard yourself against Identity theft

well identity theft involves an innocent person whose identity was stolen by an unknown person.

corporate identity theft is becoming more and more common. The identity theft is no longer only restricted to individuals only. Due the this , FACT act 2003 is also amended to check and prevent corporate identity theft

Identity theft can affect your credit without your knowledge~APEX :)

The statute of limitations on check fraud in the state of Minnesota is five years. There are few exceptions such as if you did not live in the state for all five years.

it is 3 years for some cases. It has been raised to 5 or 7 years on other cases. Check this link.

Theft is a felony in Texas. It has a statute of limitations of 5 years.

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