What is the stereo wiring diagram for a 1997 Plymouth voyager minivan?

check out 12volt.com i found diagrams there for my 91 voyager. hope they can help

I have a Grand Voyager '94 and maybe could be the same colors for your car... This is mine: I had 2 slots on my original radio, so I have to cut the next wires to connect them to the new radio and it works perfectly:

Blue/Red -> RightFront - Violet -> RightFront + Bue/Orange -> RightRear - Blue/White -> RightRear +

Red/White -> 12vt Accessory

Grey/Red -> LeftFront -

Green -> LeftFront +

Grey/Blue -> LeftRear -

Brown/Yellow -> LeftRear +

Black/Green -> Chassis Ground

Red -> 12vt Constant

Hope this help