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What is the suggested calorie intake per day for a 13-15 year olds?

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I'm assuming that you are far from falling into the reigns of an eating disorder or distorted self-image perception, and that you are instead focused on making sure you maintain your weight, or perhaps shed some (if necessary, that is, your BMI, Body Mass Index, is 25+) if necesssary. Whatever steps to be taken should be done in a healthy manner, otherwise your body will take a toll: physically, mentally, psychologically but more importantly for your future state of health and wellness: internally. So you'd like to know the normal amount of calories for a thirteen to fifteen year old. There really is no definitive answer to this: calories are simply units of energy, and, to know the general amount of calories you need to consume means you must know how much energy you are expending. Are you active? Participate in sports? If so, you'd need to increase your caloric intake... however, if you're sedentary, (you don't participate in exercise), obviously your caloric intake levels will be vastly contrasting with a more physically rigorous person. What gives you a general idea of the calories you need is an instrument called a BMR Calculator. If you go to any search engine type in "BMR Calculator" or "Basal Metabolic Rate" Calculator, and the search will return many inquiries.. click on any one and once you've reached the page enter the information (your height, gender and for some activity level) the calculator inquiries. This will then result in an estimation of your "normal" calorie needs. So there you go. Pretty simple. But, hey, the best indicator of your normal calorie needs isn't a calculator, from a physician, nutritionist or is the result of research.. it's your body. When your body needs calories you will feel hungry! And a state of hunger doesn't require emptiness, it's your stomach growling. That's the most simple and effective communication into getting the amount of calories you truly need. So listen to your stomach, and when you are satisfied (not in a state of pain, your stomach is no longer growling), you stop. That's the best way.

To view examples of the calories per day, see the Related Question.

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