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I believe that means the cars computer shuts it self down because it thinks its being stolen, cause of this use of the wrong key in ignition, use of key that hasn't been programed specifically for your car, fault in the key you are using call dealer and ask, i imagine your car isn't starting at all.

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What is the points gap for 1972 ford Lincoln mark4 460?

.017 inch

What type of alternator is used for Volkswagen mark4 golf 1.4s?


What year was the colt pistol mark4 series 80 plus 2 made?

Call Colt with the sn and they will tell you.

Stock engine sizes for 1975 Lincoln Continental mark4?

To my knowledge, the Mark IV only came with the 460 engine.

How do you reset air bag light on my mark4 golf?

air bag control module fault memory can only be checked and erased with diagnostic equipment

What is the most expensive commercial rifle scope today?

Possibly the BarrettBORS with Leupold Mark4 4.5-14x50mm - 66000-7WSPrice: $2,769.00

Is a 2002 astra a mk4?

Read the chassis number, and if it starts W0L0TGF, then yes it's a mark4. If it Starts W0L0AHL, it's a MK5. a 2002 car is probably a Mk4.

Ford Fiesta mark4 door lock you have taken mine apart and broke the inner plastic plug locater inside the barrel of the lock the hard bit to get out where can you buy these from?

Go to a wrecker and get a used lock from there.

Was the panzer mark4 used in Africa?

Yes, the Panzer mark IV was used a lot in North Africa under the command of Rommel. They were very useful, and far superior in gun-power than British tanks used at the time, such as the Matilda.

Is the mark4 armor unlockable in reach?

I doubt there would be much armor missing from REACH since that's where all things spartan originate. If you meant the mark V (5) like in Halo: CE (1) just look at and watch "Deja view" the first episode in the halo reach mini and look at "Caboose" wearing the mark V. I don't think I've seen/heard of a mark 4 yet...

How do you remove golf mark4 headlight?

To remove the headlamp you have to reomve the front bumper, for this you will need a torx 20 and 30 driver and a flat head screw driver. Unclip the front grill, looking down at the bumper on the left and the right there are 2 t30 screws that need to be removed.on the left and the right of the grill there is the same (2x t30) . On the bottom of the bumper, remove the left and right vent , there will be a t30 screw under each, the vents/grills will pop out u may need a flat head screw driver. under the wheel arches there are 4x t20 screws on both sides remove these and the bumper will drop. then simply remove the head lamp 2 t20 screw on the top and 2 at the bottom

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