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What appears to have happened is that something has infiltrated your computer and keeps changing the registry entry that controls your browsers homepage. Where you picked up this "bug" is hard to say. Google search brought several entries from people with the same problem. Try running AdAware, SpyBot Search and Destroy or Hijack This. These will seek out malicious software and provide you with a means of removing it.

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What's good about internet explorer?

Internet Explorer could be used with legacy websites. Those websites do not support recent browsers.

What is the Internet Explorer feature that helps detect phishing websites?

'SmartScreen Filter' is the feature in Internet Explorer that helps detect phishing websites.

Does anyone use Windows Internet Explorer anymore?

Many people do still use Windows Internet Explorer. There are many websites that don't function properly unless opened using Internet Explorer.

Where can one download Internet Explorer 6?

One can download Internet Explorer 6 directly from the Microsoft website or from a number of other websites. Downloading Internet Explorer 6 directly from Microsoft is the best option.

Where could a history of internet logos be found?

Many websites provide the history of the internet explorer logos. Websites such as Wikipedia, TheFontFeed, and the Internet Archive provide the history of internet logos.

What prevents internet explorer from logging a browser history?

The history might be deleted or disabled. Internet Explorer also logs all websites that are visited.

What is Internet expolorer used for?

Internet Explorer is an internet program, allowing you to browse the internet and view websites, as long as you have Wi-Fi internet connection.

How do you check for the websites you visited in internet explorer?

To see which websites you have visited previously, click on the "History" button on the top toolbar in Internet Explorer. It looks like a blue clock with a green arrow pointing counter-clockwise.

Where could one download Internet Explorer 7 for a Mac computer?

One can download Internet Explorer 7 for a Mac computer through several different websites. Some of these include: OSD Daily, Internet Explorer for Mac, and Softonic.

How do you get internet explorer for Windows 7?

Windows operating system comes with Internet Explorer as part of the Operating System. It can be downloaded from Microsoft's websites. (see related link)

What are some websites where someone can download Internet Explorer for free?

One can download Internet Explorer for free from the official Microsoft website by simply clicking on the 'Download and Shop' link. From there click on the 'Get Internet Explorer Now' link. One can also download it from 'CNET'.

Where can one download older versions of Internet Explorer?

There are numerous websites that offer old or outdated versions of certain programs, including Internet Explorer. Simply by typing "old versions of Internet Explorer" into google, one is presented with a list of options for restoring old versions.

Where does one download a toolbar for Internet Explorer?

There are hundreds of toolbars available for the Internet Explorer browser. The best place to search is on their official website and independent websites. The source depends on what tool you are looking for,

What is difference between Internet and Internet Explorer?

The difference between the Internet itself and Internet Explorer is the fact that Internet Explorer is a "browser" as we call it used to search multiple images, websites and other functions. The Internet isn't only (what is seen in) the browser, it also includes every computer connected to it. the Internet can include wi-fi, as Internet Explorer can only be used to grab information on wi-fi, such as how to connect to wi-fi, or how to access public wi-fi.

Is internet explorer a website?

no.you are mistaken.internet explorer,google chrome,safari,mosilla firefox etc are the web browsers used for browsing websites

What is the best browser for windows 7 professional in 2011explain?

Internet Explorer 8 (9 is not compatible with older websites) Google Chrome Firefox Internet explorer 8 is best for most uses, and has the best compatibility with older websites and business applications Google chrome allows you to Customize it with themes and mini apps Firefox is similsr to chrome, but has a user interface more like Internet explorer

What is the function of search button in internet explorer?

The search bar is where the URL should be written. It is a bar to search for websites.

What is a computer program that accesses and displays information from the WWW?

An example may be a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. What they do is they connect to the WWW through your internet connection, and the websites you visit, your internet connection accesses the servers that the websites are stored on, to bring the page to you.

Who has better options Internet Explorer or Netscape or Fire Fox?

Firefox because you can save passwords and you can review history. Answer: Every browser is good. but some times secure websites unable to open with internet explorer. but mizolla work fine.

Why do some websites only work in Internet Explorer?

Because web developers are too lazy to develop for anything else. PS: Have you tried Chrome, Safari or FireFox? They will probably work just as well, if not better than Internet Explorer.

Difference between internet explorer and Google Chrome?

Internet Explorer and Google chrome are both web browsers, programs made for displaying websites. They are both very similar. Internet Explorer is from Windows and is installed on every new Windows PC, Google chrome is from Google and free to download online. Google Chrome has more features and is faster.

Which websites offer Internet Explorer 6 Download for free?

Unfortunately, Microsoft only offers downloads for the latest version of Internet Explorer (currently version 10). However, OldVersion is a website that offers downloads of older versions of Internet Explorer. Caution should be taken when using old versions of this browser, since security vulnerabilities may exist.

Which broser is better apple safari or internet explorer 9?

Safari. IE 9 has some compatibility problems with many websites

What is the best alternative to Internet Explorer?

Everyone has different things they like in a browser. Currently the best alternative to Internet Explorer appears to be Firefox. It ha a lot of ways you can personalize it to your needs through extensions and add-ons and it works with websites that Internet Explorer has difficulties with. Chrome is a newer browser, but there are many good reviews being written about it so I may be worth a try as well.

What are credible tech websites?

Some credible technical websites would be Radio shack's technical support website. Ibm also has a technical support website that will walk you through a technical problem step by step.

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