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To easily contact and converse with people.

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Q: What is the telephones purpose?
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What is the telephones purpose today?

The telephone has the same purpose today as it always has had - to communicate.

What is the telelphone market divided between?

The telelphone market offers two categories of telephone sets: general purpose sets or corded phones and special purpose telephones, such as coin operated telephones

What was a telephones purpose?

voice comunication over a longer distance than you can shout.

What is telephones plural possessive?


Were there telephones in 1960?

Yes. There were telephones in 1960.

Who invented telephones in 2000?

Telephones were invented in 1876. No major milestone in telephones happened in 2000.

How do you say 'telephones' in Estonian?


What country does not have telephones?

Every single country on earth has telephones.

How many telephones have been sold worldwide?

5,4546,3545.3 telephones

What are telephones about?

Telephones are about instant communication with other people wherever they are.

How does telephones comunicate with other telephones?

Telephones can able to communicate with other telephones through Public Switched Telephone Network, which transmit voice signal over circuit switching technology.

Does Egypt have telephones?

Yes, there are millions of telephones and cell phones in Egypt.

What do older telephones look like now compared to newer telephones?

the older telephones were much bigger and harder to use. todays telephones are everywhere and are much easier to use and have alot more accesories on them.

How many Club Penguin telephones are there?

5 i think(5~8 telephones)

Who likes telephones?

me. because telephones are awesome like da budda munchies

Who many telephones are there in the world?

their are more than 1billion telephones across the world.

When was Alberta Government Telephones created?

Alberta Government Telephones was created in 1906.

Why did telephones changed?

Telephones changed because we needed for them to because our cournty is moving forward. Also telephones changed because scientist developed new inventions.

What is the plural and plural possessive of telephone?

The plural form of the noun telephone is telephones.The plural possessive form is telephones'.example: All of our telephones' warranties have expired.

What phobia is the fear of telephones?

Phonophobia is the phobia of telephones, noises or voices, or speaking loudly.

How many telephones are there in Brazil?

There are 38.81 million telephones used in Brazil! That's alot!!!!

What is a special-purpose computer that functions as a component in a larger product?

A special-purpose computer that functions as a component in a larger product is called an embedded computer. Examples of products that contain embedded computers are telephones and car dashboards.

How has telephones made an impact on society?

telephones have made communication much easier. telephones let people who are miles away from each other contact each other. without telephones, the world would be a much more difficult place to live in

Are telephones popular?


How do you put telephone in a plural noun?

telephones' e.g. All the telephones' rings were pitched differently.