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how can one define the term representative bureaucracy

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Q: What is the theory of representative bureaucracy?
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Who coined the term representative bureaucracy?

· Representative bureaucracy theory: Kingsley first coined the theory in 1944. David Levitan in 1946 followed Kingsley in arguing that the only way to ensure that bureaucrats used discretion appropriately was to make them representative of the society they provide service to (Young A. 2005).

What is Representative Bureaucracy?

Representative Bureaucracy - A public workforce that has same pattern of gender, race, and other characteristics as society as a whole.

Who first coined bureaucracy?

The name most associated with the theory of bureaucracy is that of Max Weber.

What has the author Harry Kranz written?

Harry Kranz has written: 'The participatory bureaucracy' -- subject(s): Bureaucracy, Civil service, Employment, Minorities, Representative government and representation, Women in the civil service

What best describes the theory?

The most important part of a society is the bureaucracy or structure of a government,

What best describes the organizationalist theory?

The most important part of a society is the bureaucracy or structure of a government,

What is the delegate theory?

An elected Representative who will vote the way of their constituents would want them to vote, regardless of the representative's opinions.

What is true of the federal government's demographic representativeness?

If all employees are taken into account, the federal bureaucracy comes reasonably close to being representative of the nation's population.

What is mintzberg structural configuration theory?

Mintzberg's structural configuration theory proposes that organizations can be classified into five basic forms: simple structure, machine bureaucracy, professional bureaucracy, divisionalized form, and adhocracy. Each form has its own unique characteristics and is suitable for different organizational environments and goals. Mintzberg's theory helps to understand how organizations are structured and operate based on their internal and external factors.

What is the principal weekness of Locke's Representative Theory of perception?

One weakness of Locke's Representative Theory of perception is that it relies heavily on the assumption that our perceptions accurately represent the external world, which opens the theory to skepticism about the true nature of reality. Additionally, the theory struggles to explain subjective experiences and how individuals perceive the world differently.

What has the author R K Merton written?

R. K. Merton has written: 'Reader in bureaucracy' 'Social theory and social structure'

Who is a famous representative of the conflict theory?

Karl Marx is a famous representative of the conflict theory. He believed that society is characterized by conflict between different social classes, especially between the working class (proletariat) and the owning class (bourgeoisie).