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What is the thumping noise from the engine compartment?


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2010-10-02 01:58:36
2010-10-02 01:58:36

I have a 95 Camaro as well with the same problem. My problem was that my cam was eating up my lifters, and then they tried to fix the problem, and adjusted the valves wrong -- thus causing the thumping noise.

AnswerIf you hear it when first pulling out or turning from a stop, it could be loose or damaged motor mounts.

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The frist thing I would check would be the engine mounts.

Maybe that thumping noise is the sound of another car smashing into the rear of your car.

if it was like my 99, then a belt was worn out, and will cause a chirping noise, if it is in the engine compartment, it is very likely to be a belt

most likely you have a loose bearing.

Have that tire checked sometimes the belts inside can break and cause a thumping noise

On our California model it is a smog device...

the noise coming from this truck is the uv goints

A thumping noise on your Hyundai Sonata that accelerates when you go faster might be a tire balance issue or a tire that is coming apart. You might also have an issue with the tie rods.

Where is the clicking coming from? Within the engine compartment or inside the car?

Usually when you hear a noise the tire is defective. Inspect the tire for a bubble.Good luck mike

because there lungs are contracting and uncontracting

The firewall is between the engine compartment and the passenger compartment.

The engine compartment would be the area under the hood that the engine sits in.

Mine has done this twice, both times it was the pulleys in the front of the engine. It could also be the belts.

Hi firewall on cars keep the engine isolated from passenger compartment .This eliminates fumes heat and noise.

sounds like the alternator belt is loose, check it out and let me know.

If it is a thumping and a front wheel drive car, it is probably one of the axles.

Under the hood where the engine is mounted is the engine compartment.

The firewall is the steel bulkhead that separates the engine compartment from the driver compartment.The firewall is the steel bulkhead that separates the engine compartment from the driver compartment.

Hey Sandra==The only thing I can think of is if the engine and trans mounts are broken. Have them checked out. Good luck, Joe

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