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What is the tire pressure for a 1998 Ford Contour?


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The OEM recommended tire pressure is listed in your owners manual, and on the drivers door post, or another location, such as the glove box, trunk, console, etc. If you look you will find it.


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under the rubber of the front left tire under the rubber of the front left tire

According to the 1998 Ford Contour SVT supplement : The original tires were the ( Goodyear Eagle F1-GS , size P205 / 55 ZR-16 ) on 16 X 6.5 inch wheels

Check the label on the end of the drivers door indicating tire size and recommended inflation pressure

Most cars have a chart on the door frame that gives the recommended tire pressure.

It's supposed to be stored under the spare tire in the trunk

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Tire pressure is related to what type of tire it is. the recommended pressure for the tire is on the side wall of the tire ========================================================== That is the MAXIMUM cold tire inflation pressure that is shown on the side of the tire

tire size for 1998 2dr ford ranger is?

The proper pressure depends on the tire itself. The recommended tire pressure is stamped on the sidewall of the tire beside the load rating..

It's far better to follow the tire pressure recommended on the tire than on the vehicle.

The correct tire pressure for Ford Territory 235 is about 30 psi for the front tires.

Is there a fuse I can remove for the ford explorer tire sensor

tire pressure should be on a sticker on the drivers door.

On a 2007 Ford Explorer : ( NO ) the spare tire does not a sensor for the Tire Pressure Monitoring System ( TPMS )

look at the side of your tire it should tell you the tire pressure most likely anywhere from 35-40

it should tell you on the tire wall ??psi

32 psi recommended pressure is embossed on the side of each tire for safety purpose it will read (35psi)or what ever the rating is on that tire. different size tires have different pressure. it is recommended to stay 1-2 pounds under

what is the tyre pressure for a ford fiesta finesse 1.3 1999

Yes , I was looking at the 2008 Ford Ranger Owner Guide and it shows there is a low tire pressure warning light

if the sticker is still on the passenger door, it should tell you the correct tire pressure

Inflate the tire to the correct pressure and then drive the vehicle

If your Ford has 14" wheels then either of these sizes will be correct. 185/70-14 195/65-14 If it has 15" wheels then install: 205/60-15 This should be listed on the driver's door post.

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